The Source Family …plus live musical performance by Kohoutek featuring Brother JT

The Source Family …plus live musical performance by Kohoutek featuring Brother JT

The second film in our series LIVING ON THE MARGINS: 3 DOCUMENTARIES
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dir. Jodi Wille, Maria Demopoulos, US, 2012, digital, 92 min.

The Source Family was a radical experiment in ‘70s utopian living. Their outlandish style, popular health food restaurant, rock band, and beautiful women made them the darlings of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, but their outsider ideals and the unconventional behavior of their spiritual leader, Father Yod, caused controversy with local authorities. They fled to Hawaii, leading to their dramatic demise. Years later, former family members surface and the rock band reforms, revealing how their time with Father Yod shaped their lives in the most unexpected ways.

The Source Family provides an intimate, insiders’ view at this incredible group of people through their own archival photos, home movies, audio recordings and contemporary interviews with members of the family. Serving as a highly personal, insider’s guide to the counter-culture movement of the early ‘70’s, the film is inspired by the cult-classic book The Source: The Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13, and The Source Family (Process Media) which was written by Isis Aquarian and Electricity Aquarian and edited by director Jodi Wille.

Following the screening, Philadelphia-based improv ensemble Kohoutek will perform a Yahowha-inspired set with psych-rock veteran Brother JT on vocals. Formed in 2003 by percussionist Scott Verrastro (Brother Autonomous), Kohoutek was named as an homage to recordings by both Father Yod and the Spirit of 76 and the Sun Ra Arkestra, two outfits whose improvisational excursions greatly influenced the direction of the band. Like Yahowha 13, Kohoutek sets are spontaneously composed, though the group occasionally explores repeated themes and choice covers. Performances are rituals channeling untapped energy transmogrified through pure expression and response to the immediate environment. In 2009, the band had the opportunity to tour with Yahowha 13 for five days, even garnering Aquarian names. This performance may or may not include interpretations of a couple of Yahowha pieces, but whatever happens, it will be “of the moment.” Brother JT’s seemingly possessed shamanic declamations will add a Yod-esque flavor to the sonic stew, while local multimedia collective Eye Gate II provide a hallucinatory backdrop of oils and film projections.

Admission to this performance is free with your Source Family ticket stub.

$7.00 - $9.00


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