Jimmy Murn & the Heymakers, Government Zero

Jimmy Murn & the Heymakers

Jimmy Murn + The Heymakers are a Power-Pop-Punk
alliance hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. Aiming true to a vision
Jimmy had when he was just 9 years old The Heymakers have released
their collection of new manic pop gems on their self-released
"Hudson River Rookie" and is available on Itunes.

Jimmy and drummer/vox Mike Hansen have been playing together since the end of Madison's former teen guitar-pop sensation Introversion ("Pop Til You Drop") sadly faded in 2001. Jimmy joined the whimsical infectious pop-punk group B.o.R.d. whom Mike already was drumming for and immediately noticed Mike's percussion skills. B.o.R.d. put out 2 records ("Narcoleptic Mosh Pit" and "Cookies and Beer") before Jimmy left for New York in 2004. After helping spearhead the United for Peace and Justice Protests of the RNC, Jimmy moved back from Mahhattan, NY to Brooklyn, WI.

Connecting without missing a beat (ba-doom-ching) Jimmy and Mike began
the year long experiment of Jangly Farfisa-driven Garage-Pop Fun/Debacle
otherwise known as the never-to-be-known-again Daisy Bangs. From Spring
of 2005 to early Spring of 2006 The Daisy Bangs played 18 shows - all
of which a single band member had no less than 1 chemical and usually
5 or 6 in them. Every other show was a humiliating cripple off the
stage and every other show was a 'you guys are the best band I've ever
seen'. Fate had the group collapsing in classic fashion - brought
down by ego, women, and drugs.

From 2006 to 2010 Jimmy and Mike kept playing together whenever they
could, however they could. The aftermath of the downfall was a long,
quiet road, but they never gave up and by 2010 Jimmy had his wits
about him enough to begin playing out again. First @ the eclectic
community-inspired open mic of Cafe Zuzu by Madison's Vilas Zoo.

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