Lion's Mouth, The Werewolverine

Lion's Mouth

Born of two fervent wavelengths, Lion’s Mouth is the brainchild of Chelsea Z. and Sara Wexler (Soundless, Croaker). Deceptively lush for a two piece band, Lion’s Mouth produces a fierce wall of sound that is not content with being background music. Swift, driving beats burst from Sara’s sticks hitting you like a well-timed punch. As you lie breathless on the floor, Chelsea’s “amazingly sweet voice” (105.5 Triple M) and “five-piece orchestra” (Music Without Boundaries) guitar work pull you back up to your feet. These dynamic styles combine to create upbeat and danceable confessions punctuated by strikingly gentle lullabies. With all the sensibilities of pop, the relentless energy of punk, and the heart and soul of folk, Lion’s Mouth gives indescribable a sound.

"...a few angsty acoustic guitar ridden folk rock ballads about airports, Australia, love/hate... and confusion... a few interjections about wool sweaters... empathy engulfed the crowd... and she wins us over again. " - Kate Krause - Owner, Paradigm -

The Werewolverine

Quiet lo-fi folkish rockish music from rural Wisconsin.

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