Mojo Skillet, Jim Schwall

Mojo Skillet

The main ingredient in the MoJoSkillet is roots rock and rhythm'n'blues, served up with a
generous helping of hard-core country & western, and a splash of vintage pop on the side.
Hold the cheese, please.
The MojoSkillet is where you'll find real, tasty music, cooked up good 'n greasy just the way
you like it. The tunes are delivered hot and the menu changes all the time. So if you've got a
craving for something meaty, and and an appetite that must be satisfied, come on down!
Have a drink and a dance and a heaping helping from the MojoSkillet.
the MojoSkillet is:
Jim Bartholomew - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Dave Steffen - Vocals/Lead Guitar
Jim Nelson Vocals/Bass Guitar
Dave Wisniewski Vocals/Drums

Jim Schwall

Jim Schwall, Guitar, Mandolin, singer-songwriter - is the co-leader of the Siegel-Schwall
Band, "one of the best acts in America", - Billboard Magazine. The Boston Globe has called
Mr. Schwall "undoubtedly the best electric guitarist in the country."
In the 1960's, the Siegel- Schwall Band was signed overnight by Vanguard Records and later
RCA. During the late 1960's and early 1970's the band drew capacity crowds to the most
popular clubs and auditoriums in the U.S., while their records received world acclaim. Along
with their peers, Paul Butterfield and Charlie Musslewhite, Siegel-Schwall introduced Chicago
blues to the large rock audience.
Mr. Schwall has recently received a PhD. in music, and has divided his time between
performances and as a Professor of Music. Currently, Mr. Schwall lives in Madison where he
was a candidate for Mayor of that city, as well as a high school substitute teacher and a grad
student in art at the University of Wisconsin. He has had many critically acclaimed shows of
his photography work, and still plays the classic e

$8.00 - $10.00


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