Illogistical Resource Dept., Hydrophonic (closing set)

Illogistical Resource Dept.

The core of the Illogistical Resource Dept. consists of Dan Menapace and Noa Appleton who have been playing together in various projects for nearly 12 years. Both were in earlier projects where they opened for John Taylor and Spock's Beard as well as members of Death Angel and Agent Orange. The pair of players recruited guitarist Jim Harris and The Illogistical Resource Dept. became the power trio they are today. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I.R.D.'s bass heavy approach to songwriting has often been described as otherworldly, ominous, haunting and trippy. Some of I.R.D.'s wide range of influences include Primus, Rush, Tool, King Crimson, Devo, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath.

The band's debut album Catharsis, which blends together elements of rock, psychadelia, ambient and electronic, was released November 20th on Aphagia Recordings. A video for the single When Frogs Attack has been getting great reviews and can be found at

Hydrophonic (closing set)

HYDROPHONIC is a psychedelic hard rock band featuring Corey Largent (lead guitar/vocals), Sam Lowther (rhythm guitar, backup vocals), Zack Newman (bass guitar) and Shawn Stein (drums). The four San Francisco natives grew up together and developed a fondness for creating face-melting progressive hard rock that draws inspiration from the human condition, local landscape and the fantastical.

Founded in the summer of 2005 by best friends Largent and Lowther, HYDROPHONIC evolved into its current lineup after the departure of former drummer Kyle Hilmoe and a perpetually open bass spot to fill. A perfect storm of timing and divine intervention led them to realize that Newman’s thunderous bass and Stein’s explosive drumming were the ideal complement to the relentlessness of Lowther’s pulsating rhythms and front man Largent’s liquid riffs and driving vocals. Answering the call to arms for authentic heavy music, the four have summoned the beast of rock and are ready unleash their potent fury upon the unwashed masses.
In March, 2011 they independently released their debut EP, Beached, a heavy six track riff and groove effort. Thought Crusader kicks off the album with a weighty surf-metal sing along. Dock Ellis is a psychedelic poem about a memorable event in our nation’s favorite pastime.

Rhythmic powerhouse Godmaker forges ahead into Stonewheel, a journey that begins with thrash-amphetamine energy, descends into a valley of blues solos and resolves in a jazzy Quaalude jam. An eerie interlude comes in the form of ninety seconds of menacing E-bow whale cries. The finale and undisputed hero of the record, Horse, is a song best described as a galloping thrashternative opus. As HYDROPHONIC tours in support of Beached, Horse has been the shining star in generating buzz in the Bay Area and beyond.


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