Radio 1190 Presents: Echo Beds

Echo Beds

Subterranean yet otherworldly sounds — like what you might hear if you were to somehow set up microphones in the endless tunnels of H.P. Lovecraft's Mountains of Madness — start off this live recording from the 2011 Denver Noise Fest. At points, the creeping, ambient noise of bio-mechanical entities in the middle distance are interrupted by feral screams or roars echoing nearby. And it's all punctuated by bursts of sound, like steam suddenly shooting unexpectedly and violently from a fissure in the floor. Did Echo Beds model the sound of water dripping in a cave? Are Tom Nelson and Keith Curts channeling some creature hidden in the secret places of the earth that we only hear about in folklore and horror movies? It sure sounds like it throughout this recording, which is abstract yet infused with terrifying immediacy. - Tom Murphy

The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact

"The Kevin Costner Suicide Pact is a different breed of ambient/drone altogether. With a strangely humorous name that many either love or hate, this quartet of soundscapers is one of the most interesting and unique projects out there right now. Based in Denver, CO (which is known for a variety of musical scenes, but not particularly for its ambient artists) the foursome are creating sounds that remind one of William Bassinski's sublime compositions which seem to be ever-unfolding, even long after the initial listening experience. This is music best served with a high gravity brew and a smoke-filled room of your closest friends." - Rachel Evans, Foxy Digitalis

Pythian Whispers

Pythian Whispers is an experimental music project that didn't try to be anything in particular. Instead it ended up weaving together elements of noise, drone, ambient, atmospheric guitar rock, post-punk and shot it through with the outright weird. Making use of bent circuit devices, samples, loops, sequencers, guitar, bass, synths and drums, Pythian Whispers creates a rich tapestry of noise that comes off part art house horror movie soundtrack and part otherworldly sound collage. Our aim is to create music that soothes, inspires, terrifies and otherwise stimulates the imagination of the audience past the realm of the everyday and mundane.




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