Alex Vans

Alex Vans

Alex's broad-but-never-bombastic voice is the first thing that strikes the ear, calling to mind Jeff Twee...dy, or maybe even the kind of vocalist Conor Oberst might grow up into (if Oberst cared to grow up). Just beneath the spare, plaintive vocals lies Alex's sunny Hendrix and SRV-inspired guitar riffs, creating a bittersweet pastiche that evokes Beck's "Sea Change" period. Not gratuitously, he seamlessly adds in some phrasing nods to the Beatles and The Arcade Fire that serve to add to the tension between traditional and modern sounds.

The Warbirds

The Warbirds got their start back when Ulick, Brian, and Jerry were in high school as Silvertone in January 2000. While the whole world was freaking out about y2k, these guys were freaking out everyone in PA with their righteous riffs and irresistable melodies. Silvertone eventually became FSP about a year later. They toured locally until fall 2002 when they split to pursue other musical ventures including HighKick, and legendary Scranton band Palindrome. After nearly a decade apart the three friends crossed paths yet again, this time even more driven and determined to change music forever!

Secret Country

Ah, Secret Country, where to begin? We could start with the excessive drinking, the strange obession with chicken and hot dogs, the love all things seedy and nightlife-oriented, or their colorful choices in wardrobe, but the best place, the most important place to start would be with the music. It's not easy to write an endearing song about slaughtering a chicken or spitting right in someone's face, but Secret Country manage to do it with such ease and finesse that it leaves the listener not only accepting their oddity, but fully embracing it and yearning for more.

Secret Country was born out of frontmen Jay Monaco & Eric Mason's love of outlaw country tunes, cold beers, eating hot dogs, and just about everything else you might relax with in the summertime. Originally coming together as an acoustic duo performing at local parties, bbq's, and bars, the advent of original material led to an augmentation of the group into the sextet that you hear tantalizing your eardrums today.

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