The Front Bottoms

The Front Bottoms


Brian Sella – vocals, guitars

Mathew Uychich – drums, bullhorn

What can we say about The Front Bottoms? We know we love them: a punk band that uses acoustic guitar, indie-rock dance grooves, Springsteen-y keyboard lines (this they might deny). It's hook-filled… it's anthemic… it's confessional. Maybe Joni Mitchell by way of Green Day? They must have heard some Replacements along the way, and it seems like what Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers did for the Boston suburbs these guys are doing for Bergen County, NJ. But they still leave us scratching our heads. Just what the hell have the Front Bottoms alchemized?

It would be reasonable if you thought Weatherbox imploded some time ago. After all, the San Diego band has cycled through more than a dozen members in its half-decade existence and has kept a relatively low profile since the release of their last LP, 2009's The Cosmic Drama, and subsequent departure from Doghouse Records.

Frontman Brian Warren has since scaled that mountain and regrouped with a supporting cast that includes longtime friends (including two vintage Weatherbox members) and a new label, Youth Conspiracy Records. Together they will release Follow The Rattle of the Afghan Guitar, a six-song EP that brings you to the entrance of a tunnel, hands you a few matches, and shoves you into the dark.

Recorded this spring in multiple locations in California, Follow The Rattle of the Afghan Guitar finds Warren & Co. returning to the colossal pop-rock that made 2007's American Art so likable, while keeping the frontman's expanded lyrical ideas from the psych-folky Cosmic Drama intact.

Exploring themes of alienation, white privilege and the general insanity of our times, Follow The Rattle Of The Afghan Guitar is esoteric, challenging and thought-provoking, while still remaining hook-driven, innovative and exciting. The band hurls itself from a neutral space between pop and progressive, between vague and specific, ultimately leaving it up to the listeners to figure it out for themselves.

Weatherbox howls from the cave in some alien tongue, but the message is loud and clear.

Night Riots

Since the 2010 release of their first full length album Into the Roaring, Night Riots haven't looked back. Rolling Stone magazine dubbed them "One of the top 16 unsigned bands in the North America," MTV has aired the singles "Some Nights" and "Chase the Sky" (at one time "Some Nights" was the fourth most viewed video on and MTV Buzzworthy called Night Riots "One of the most critically
overlooked bands of 2012."

Sonically Night Riots have been likened to a modern day Cure and have been compared to bands such as U2, The Flaming Lips and Gaslight Anthem without being overly derivative of any particular act. Unlike the rest of the members, vocalist Travis Hawley was born inthe United Arab Emirates and lived in England for five years before moving to the U.S. His vocal style has often been compared to emotive European artists such as Robert Smith, Bono, and Danny

"We've been friends since highschool, the guys and I grew up in a small coastal Californian town with only one street light." says vocalist Travis Hawley about the band which also features guitarist Nick Fotinakes, bassist Mikel Van
Kranenburg, guitarist Matt DePauw and drummer Rico Rodriguez. Having moved on from their small town roots, Night Riots have since shared the stage with artists like Angels and Airwaves, Aerosmith, The Script, Youngblood Hawke, Shiny Toy Guns and many other bands throughout their U.S. touring expeditions.

In 2013 the band had to change its name from PK to Night Riots due to legal reasons beyond their control. "Everything has fallen into place, we have a new name that we are very excited about and new music that we are even more excited about." says Hawley. Currently Night Riots have a large cache of unreleased songs and are planning for a summer 2013 release.

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