According to the band, this so-called ghost drone act has its roots in Afghanistan and made a name for themselves early 2010 when their myserious, yet intense videos popped up on YouTube. Soon old school VHS, CD-R’s and tapes circulated within the scene and Mater Suspiria Vision took the stage for a few rare live performances. Their vivid, visual driven performances will certainly get your freak on.

How I Quit Crack

How I Quit Crack is the nom de plume of Austin's Ernestina Forbis, who has been crafting sublime inroads into very dark places for more than a year. Between screwing the shit out of Nirvana, turning Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game" into a 9-minute extended rumination on love/loss, and issuing one of the best singles in recent memory ("In Realm" b/w "Gone Away" on Answering Machine Records), HIQC has quickly become one of the most exciting artists to emerge from the TX Triangle, despite only releasing a few songs on her Soundcloud page. Stream "Wanting You" below, along with her cover of "Wicked Game." -- Michael P. McGregor, Chocolate Bobka

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