Levee Drivers, Divers (Record Release)

Levee Drivers

Levee Drivers' music embodies the sounds of old country souls being reborn into tomorrow's rock. Their music is a modern take on the story-telling of Johnny Cash, driven by early country and blues roots with a startling vocal rendition likened to a cross of Nick Cave and Howlin' Wolf. Levee Drivers embrace an eclectic mix of sound that engages listeners of all ages and across many genres.

Divers (Record Release)

If Leonard Cohen and PJ Harvey had a baby who grew up listening to The Smiths, Nina Simone and old Rolling Stones records, that baby might form a band that sounds like DIVERS, a newly formed rock quartet from Philadelphia starring local sweethearts Emily Ana Zeitlyn (The Weeds), Ross Bellenoit (Birdie Busch), Tom Bendel (Buried Beds) and Todd Erk.  DIVERS use equal parts stabbing lyric, extreme dynamic and darling melody to whisper to the sadder side of your soul. 


Based out of Philadelphia, Swedeland takes its name from the eclectic hidden neighborhood where the seeds of the group were planted. Classically trained singer/guitarist Morgan Pinkstone blazes the way with her powerful voice and timeless stories. She is backed by multi-instrumentalist Jason Zimmerman (master of all things stringed), keyboardist Paul Maraldo (Buffalo Fight, The Vedas) drummer Phil Hutchins (graduate of the U Arts jazz program), and bassist Brian Bloemker (veteran of Philly's hard rock scene, Workhorse III, Dark Lords of Stonehurst). Swedeland's music is as eclectic as it is hauntingly familiar and the songs will stay with you long after the last note.



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