Drunken Sufis

Drunken Sufis

"Do you want to live forever?" asks a disconcerting text-to-speech computer voice from a terrifying hypercapitalist future Baghdad on the abrasive fourth LP, "DroneWars," from Brooklyn psych-punks Drunken Sufis. Oscillating between fast-paced, SST Records fueled aggression and dark, droning instrumentals, ‘DroneWars’ imagines a bleak future blighted with unbridled greed and disturbing psychological manipulations in a free-market-gone-wrong future Baghdad, fraught with organ harvesters and psychoactive chemicals. Between searing guitars, disjointed drum breaks, and sinister Speak ‘n Spell voiceovers, the desolate ‘DroneWars’ landscape is as compelling as it is heavy and terrifying. David Kahne (Paul McCartney, The Strokes, New Order) describes it aptly, "It's like David Lynch's wet dream, or John Cage playing guitar with his dick, or both at the same time… Zappa is smiling." Andy Gill (Gang of Four) called it a “rabbit hole,” succinctly noting, “Crikey, yes… quite punchy stuff." Beardfood called 'DroneWars' "intense future punk rock, mutilated electronics and apocalyptic soundscapes....a true masterpiece." This show marks their official NYC release show.

Pretty and Nice

Tucked away in a basement somewhere on the outskirts of Boston, there is a secret lair filled with motley recording equipment, and a neatly organized cache of guitars, synths and other flashing electronics. The stockpile of gadgetry is owned and operated by two young gentlemen who call themselves Pretty & Nice. The band sprouted from the mind of Holden Lewis in 2004 while he was living in Burlington, VT -- There he met Jeremy Mendicino, a master knob twiddler and pop music masher who recorded Pretty & Nice's first record. After about a year of touring the country, playing the songs, sharing vocal duties, and buying each other flowers, the decision was finally made to set sail to the south, and a new base of operation was established in Boston. Imagine Elvis Costello or XTC genetically spliced with an Andy Kaufman...Kaleidoscopic guitar-centric pop with odd twists and turns. The band has toured and shared stages with the likes of The Get Up Kids, Miniature Tigers, The Thermals, Title Tracks (John Davis from Q and not U), and Built to Spill. Their latest LP, "Golden Rules for Golden People" hits shelves April 30th.

Noxious Foxes

Brooklyn-band Noxious Foxes make loud, fast, dense loop-oriented rhythmically-focused rock music.

This is their record release party. So. Let's party!

$8.00 - $10.00

Tickets Available at the Door

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