Ken Zimlinghaus

Ken Zimlinghaus

Kenny Zimlinghaus is a comedian from NYC who was born and raised as a fat kid on Long Island.

Kenny Zimlinghaus is a stand-up comedian and spent 3 years as co-host and head writer for #1 “Storm and Kenny Radio Show” in Charleston, SC on 96WAVE. Kenny also worked as the youngest morning radio show host ever at WFNX Radio in Boston, MA. He currently lives in NYC where he performs as a stand-up comedian. You can also hear him on SiriusXM’s Cosmo Radio every morning at 7am.

He studied Communication in college and learned how to bribe professors. He travels the country performing stand up. From making ridiculous songs to impersonating Aaron Neville Kenny is a perfect fit for “girl world”. You can find him on the Internet. Or somewhere wandering the streets of Brooklyn. He has a cat named Steve.

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