we are a happy little indie folk rock band with up beat songs and sad lyrics 🙂


We hail from the land of Tempe. We have come to burn down your village.

Barry Hazen: Guitar/Mandolin
Chris Hudson: Bass
David Cosme: Trumpet
Steven Potter: Accordion/Keyboard
Robbie Pfeffer: Vocals
Anthony Thrailkill: Drums
Eryn Wise: Important
Jonathan Speak: Trombone
Greg Benenett: Pedals


Layering intricate acoustic fingering, intertwined with oftentimes haunting lyrical imagery and falsetto vocal harmonies that cascade and soar like ghosts through a fog, Ryan Osterman (Owl & Penny) has created a setting of mystery, nostalgia, and feral nature in his music. References of the forest and animal-like spirits along with the almost pulmonary pounding of large drums, marching through gravel, clapping and banging on buckets (and sometimes, even more odds and ends); it becomes difficult to not feel carried into the lands he describes within his music. Currently completing his 3rd release 'Milk & Sugar,' Osterman is perpetually evolving further away from his minimal folk-like origin and into something much more dark and colossal. Yet through the shadows, there is still a profound glimmer of hope shining through the branches with songs like "Acorn" and "Jules" that are solidified by strong instrumentation and devastatingly beautiful orchestral arrangements. Drawing inspiration from artists like Sigur Rós, The Tallest Man On Earth and Gregory & the Hawk, 24 year old Ryan Osterman has been performing since early 2006 and has self-released many demos and samplers prior to and in between the releases of his albums (Stolen Silver and Fever Dreams) on River Jones Music. Although he is young, do not let this dissuade your impression; Owl & Penny will surely leave you immersed inside a world of anthropomorphized nature and dreamlike qualities that will resonate between the walls of your heart and mind over and over.


Dylan's musical journey has led him to many places, both figuratively and musically. Originally playing in his band, In Symmetry, he became a fixture on the vibrant Phoenix art/music scene. In 2010 Dylan relocated to Seattle and performed as a solo artist and in the band Moya. Now based out of Tempe, AZ, Dylan has been performing as a solo artist and touring throughout the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest, as well as opening shows for numerous national acts including Neko Case, JD McPherson, Rhett Miller, Ben Sollee, Matt Pond PA, Horse Feathers, and many others.

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