Myron and E

Myron & E, a Calfornia-based soul duo, are the newest recording act on the Finnish Timmion label. Backed by Timmion’s “in house” band The Soul Investigators, the duo’s debut 7” single “Cold Game / I Can't Let You Get Away” is an exercise in gritty, Impressions-influenced soul music and was released in Europe in a limited press. The single is now available in North America on Now-Again Records, distributed exclusively by Stones Throw.

Myron & E are singers from differing musical backgrounds. The two met working in the tour outfit of Bay Area indie-hip hop legends Blackalicious. The senior member of the duo, Myron Glasper, got his start in music in the early 90s working as a back-up singer in Los Angeles. The mysterious “E's” is actually the DJ known as E Da Boss, whose music has been released on labels including San Francisco’s Om Records.

Myron & E’s music might seem to be a radical departure for two hip hop-reared Californians, but the duo slide into their new-roles like tenured soul stars. The Soul Investigators backing tracks – lush, string-swept affairs that revel in analog tape hiss and the overall warmth of live musicianship – came together under the tight guidance of producer and recording engineer Didier Selin.

The Bang Girl Group Revue

The Bang go beyond retro nostalgia to reinvigorate the genre.

Sassy. Sultry. Sexy. Sophisticated. These are just some of the words that describe Angeline King, Tish Peterson and Rachel Mae Havens, the three vocalists who stand center stage in The Bang Girl Group Revue, the San Francisco Bay Area’s most exciting show band. And while the trio of vivacious vocalists do channel the classic sounds of the 1960s, including the Brill Building’s tales of teenage heartbreak, Tamla/Motown’s elegant R&B micro-symphonies and the foot-stomping Memphis soul of Stax, they also blend in a large measure of original songs that sound timeless but still have a timely edge.

The four instrumentalists who share the stage with the trio of divine divas are much more than just a backing band. Led by guitarist Derek See, the quartet, including bassist Jafar Green, drummer Richard Gutierrez and keyboardist Curtis Meachum, has the “four bodies-one mind” sense of rhythm that makes it impossible to keep still. When they lay into a classic number like "In The Basement", an obscure gem like "Hold On" or one of their own skillfully composed originals like "Drink In Hand" you can be forgiven if your feet make a fleet retreat from your seat on onto the dance floor to gyrate to the driving beat.

The Bang Girl Group Revue is not an exercise in nostalgia. Although they take to the stage with many instruments built in the 1960's, their music has an ageless sound that appeals to the folks who love the sound of real voices blending in harmony (no Auto-tune for this band), the glorious shimmer of a guitar driving a tube amp and the visceral whomp of human drummer laying down a breathing beat. They may hail from the heart of Silicon Valley, but the Bang Girl Group Revue leaves the high-tech music gadgets to other bands.

Live, the Bang Girl Group Revue looks as good as they sound. Bedecked in vintage threads, the band boasts the kind of tight choreography that you thought disappeared during the dread days of disco. Although they work hard on their presentation, and appreciates an attentive audience, they really dig it when you get out on the dance floor and try to outshine their dancing with your own. The band has found that their live act has a multi-generational appeal, and one that appeals to fans of the genre of all ages, those who remember "back in the day", and a younger generation of folks that are witnessing a type of entertainment that has an energy unlike anything they have ever seen or heard. When the Bang Girl Group Revue comes to your town you owe it to yourself to check them out. It will be a night you’ll always treasure.

Here's some recent press:

"San Francisco's underground music scene boasts the most ardent devotees of the resurgence of the '60's girl group sound. The Bang Girl Group Revue is the city's best period-correct recreationist ensemble, with nary an anachronism. But rather than just rehash old covers, The Bang also recharges this ilk of music with timeless-sounding originals. "Another Notch On His Belt" opens like The Ronettes fronting the Animals. Singers Angeline King, Rachel Mae Havens and Tish Peterson sing soulfully about finding strength in the middle of a crush as a groovy organ grinds alongside stylish guitar leads. Once you look past the palpable chemistry of the three front women, it becomes evident that The Bang has a secret weapon in guitarist Derek See. Dexterous and versatile, he owns his vintage tones while effortlessly segueing from the mid-'60's mod fuzz that buzzes around the psych-soul of "No Matter What You Do" to creamy soul smoothness in an outstanding take on Billy Dawn Smith's "Make It for The Door". A heavy cover of Sharon Tandy's freakbeat gem "Hold On" bookends this amazing debut" -Eric Shea, iTunes Notes

"The Bang have released a single off their upcoming album Shimmy Soul Shangri La. The Bang is an homage to the girl groups of the sixties, such as Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and the Supremes. The three female vocalists, Angeline King, Rachel Mae Havens, and Tish Peterson, are the stars of the show, but a driving force behind the band is guitarist Derek See. See is the purveyor of the fantastic Derek’s Daily 45 (a must-read blog if you’re into classic soul) and a DJ with gigs internationally. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also the personal guitar tech for James Williamson of Iggy and the Stooges." - Russell Jelinek, The Bay Bridged

"Drink In Hand" by The Bang Girl Group Revue starts with a strong blast of "woo-woos" evocative of a glorious era of go-going girl power, although The Ronettes probably never declared "Tequila makes me catty...brandy makes me angry" and "the kind of guy I prefer is a drinking man". The vocals- Angeline King, Tish Peterson and Rachel Mae Havens- power along with a punchy beat before making way for a vintage Yardbirds-style guitar break. The band's first album, "Soul Shangri-La", is out this month, and proves that Derek See and mates want to go beyond retro nostalgia to reinvigorate the genre" -MSG, San Jose Metro

"This will be out soon. I have heard the final mixes of these tracks and this is superb. The title of the album leads one to expect ’60s girl group and r’n‘b stylings and while that’s hugely present, what’s also present here is the country-rock hints prevalent in guitarist Derek See‘s previous band The Careless Hearts (who have backed the legendary James Williamson from Iggy and The Stooges). It’s a great combination that makes for a fun album." - Matthew Berlyant, The Big Takeover

New Love Soul Revue

The New Love Soul Revue is Oakland’s own high energy original soul band. New Love was founded on the idea that soul never gets old and the soul vibe that started in the 60’s comes thru in their songs and charismatic performances. Scott Holderby (lead vocals) and Lawrence Chandler (guitar) write songs like the ones they loved coming up. Joining Scott on vocals are the lovely Ishtar Love and Kayla Flowers. The New Love horns feature bay area trumpet star John Gibson and the newest member, the amazing Erik Mekkelson on tenor sax. Rounding out the line up is the always funky Chris Lujan on bass and Adam Willis on drums laying down the grooves that make you smile and move.

DJ Derek See

DJ Derek See has had the good fortune to have spun 45's in the US, Europe, and Australia! He also is a regular contributor to magazines Soul Up North, Shindig, Fretboard Journal and Acoustic Guitar magazine.

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