Barrio Tiger, The Green Lady Killers, The Hitchhikers

The Green Lady Killers

Conjuring visions of fast cars, black leather, sweat and sin, all-female rock trio The Green Lady Killers (GLK) unleash electric charged garage rock that embraces 1970s American pre-punk style and delivers a loud, fast and sexy ride.

Evoking the maniacal elements of The Cramps, inventiveness of The Pixies and the bad girl attitude of The Runaways, GLK's sound is one part sultry, one part menacing and all parts rock 'n' roll.

“More Joan Jett than The Donnas, the Green Lady Killers aren't afraid to show their soft side, either. "Linger On" features restrained pop melodies, but is no less exhilarating than the grimy garage rock of "Dance Floor" or the balls- to-the-wall AC/DC riffage of "Power" and "Ride."
– Gene Armstrong, Tucson Weekly

“A healthy dose of hard, fast American rock 'n' roll…reminiscent of the ’70s and ’80s punk bands like the Runaways, the Cramps and the Pixies…these are songs to thrash to until you sweat, to blast from car stereos at midnight, to turn up to stratospheric decibel levels.”
– Megan Reid, Flagstaff Live

Barrio Tiger

Barrio Tiger is an L.A. based garage punk band from Echo Park with a rep to protect for delivering blistering live shows.

“The L.A. punk band adheres to the brash, short and dirty side of the genre, and is known for its particularly incendiary live sets." - Los Angeles Times

"Anthemic choruses and a driving sound that alternates between a tuneful Ramones drone and AC/DC's stop-and-start thunder." - Falling James, LA Weekly

"Ave Maria is one throat punch after another, a red-eyed and bloody-knuckled ode to Detroit in ’68 and New York in ’77..." - Classic Rock Magazine

"An all out rock extravaganza, with scorching dual guitar sorcery and straight ahead churn"- Sugarbuzz Magazine

"Incendiary live shows and a garage rock sound that's as fierce as their name implies." - Guitarshop

"Garage punk done right!" - Flipside

“While a lot of garage punk bands are happy with minimal chords played loud and fast (not that there’s anything wrong with that), the members of Barrio Tiger show they can shred on their instruments. “Bullet” is a great example of that. Sure this is a garage punk band, but the guitar in this song is closer to Supersuckers than Ramones. This is real simple. If you like your rock n roll loud, fast, and dirty, Barrio Tiger is a good band to get to know.” - Incognito Music Magazine

“Los Angeles’s underground has seen an uptick in recent years of punk bands with a deep rock streak running through ‘em, and vice-versa, some of it good ‘n’ some that make you wanna step outside to chat with friends old and new until whoever’s onstage stops whatever it is they’re doin’. Barrio Tiger is definitely a high point, a band that puts well more than the requisite amount of energy and oomph into their live shows and, based on the six songs here, their studio work. They’re definitely vibing on the usual New York via Detroit influences, but what could easily fall into the same ol’ same ol’ rut gets a solid kick in the ass courtesy of some rock solid songwriting, diversity, and drawing from influences outside the bubble—just when you think you’ve got ‘em pegged, up jumps a poppy punk tune (albeit with roaring dual/duel guitars) and a slower jam flecked with country. Some mighty fine work here from one of the better local bands making the rounds." – Jimmy A, Razorcake

"Ferocious AND fun...Tiger got bite!" - Lina Lecaro, LA Weekly

The Hitchhikers

The Hitchhikers is a punk/rock and roll band comprised of ex-members of L.A. and O.C. music veterans The Humpers, The Bleeders, The Neurotones and He's Dead Jim. They are a mashed together greasy-meatball of pure gut-rot fun, and the chef's name is Chuck Berry! Well guess what my fans of filth...this is exactly what you're gettin, straight from the syringe and into your thick-head, a shot of brainwash that'll make ya forget you're mom slept with the mailman....They're gonna fumigate your head!!!!!! Oh... and they've been played on KROQ and MTV. Check 'em out...

$5 cover. Please note: All set times are SHARP!

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