Mischief Brew

Mischief Brew

In June of 2000, after spending four years screaming in a punk band called The Orphans, Erik Petersen confined himself to a basement with an acoustic guitar, a rickety drum kit, a mandolin, and a four-track to stir a bunch of ideas together into a stew of songs. The resulting concoction was "Mirth: or, Certain Verses Composed and Fitted to Tunes, for the Delight and Recreation of All," an eight-song demo cassette of acoustic punk influenced by medieval danses and raucous dust-raisers. On the spine of the tape (duplicated DIY-style by partners Denise Vertucci and Erik, later forming Fistolo Records), it read: "A Taste Of The Mischief Brew," and included a "Folk The System" patch. There were no names or press pictures. Just a couple cryptic woodcuts, circle-A's, illustrations of jesters and goblins, and a PO Box as a contact method.
Since then, Mischief Brew has grown to include several more humans, a few pug dogs, a lot more volume, and a bunch of pots and pans to bang on. It's not unusual to see members scavenging around for scraps of metal and pieces of wood before a show, to use as percussion for a live set. And it might be the only punk rock band to feature a vibraharp. Since that scratchy demo tape, they have done numerous U.S. and European tours and have played everywhere from the Electric Factory in Philly to old bomb shelters in Germany, from CBGBs (the original one) to ABC No Rio in NYC, from 924 Gilman in Berkeley to the Trumbullplex in Detroit...not to mention in attics, basements, barns, underneath train bridges, and on rocking boats underneath the Williamsburg Bridge on the East River.

Dun Bin Had

Dun Bin Had started in early November of 2004. Originally the band started as a three-piece side band of the now defunked Down for a Dozen. Dun Been Had emerged from the ashes of Down For a Dozen as a full time punk/ska band. The edition, about a month after formation, of Cole on guitar and vocals gave Dun Bin Had a more ball squeezing sound, with Cole and Jake musically dulling lead guitar and lead vocals. Now the band was complete with the ear bleeding drumming of Dakota, the rolling rhythms of Nick on bass, backup vocals (Booze and Painkillers), and Jake and Cole on Guitar and vocals. Soon after their drunken conception, Dun Bin Had released a five-song demo, which everyone should pick up (available at Streetlight Records). An eleven-song full-length album, released in 2005, followed this release. Sadly, However, the release of Ill Time Shenanigans was marked with Dakota's departure from the band. The reason for the departure and the subsequent criteria for Dakotas's replacement are best epitomized by Nick's statement. Nick stated, "[Dakota] is off to Japan to fulfill his life long dream of becoming a Ninja if you can play drums and you drink booze and you are willing to be in a full time punk band please e-mail us." Bobby Burns who joined the band following Dakota's departure satisfied the criterion for a new drummer. Following the addition, the band decided on a more rigorous schedule of writing and playing shows. After about a dozen shows with Bobby, both him and the rest of the band mutually decided to part ways. The Band was now in need of a drummer who could match the rest of the band in dedication. However, following the loss of their drummer, Cole made an abrupt exodus from the band and left town. This marked another temporary setback. However, a new drummer who could match Dakotas's style and talent was obtained. The new drummer Joe was obtained and the band persevered and became a more solid and cohesive musical force—with Nick assuming back up vocals and Jake taking complete control of lyrical and song creation process. As a result, Dun Bin Had Cranked out their best album to date—recorded at the house of faith—entitled Dun Bin Had. The band continued to play shows all over California. In recent days, Cole has returned to the band to add a fuller guitar sound and complete the band. Following the wake of the release of their new album Dun Bin Had has a US tour being planned from for April and May of 2007. Come check out Dun Been Had's next show, it's guaranteed to leave your livers hurtin and your ears bleedin. This band will rock your balls off, drink your beer, and put on the tightest and gut wrenching, nerve grinding, ska show you've ever seen


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