Light Heat

Bursting forth as a fully-formed artist into the world of music in 1999, Quentin Stoltzfus has been rotating the crops ever since. Fluent in Johns Cale *and* Cage, the gazes of both shoe and stars, and the vibrations of both Earth and space, he fears no sound. Having made a string of records with his former group, Mazarin, he incorporated all of these influences and more. Those records smoothly jangled in a way that made you wanna listen to them in a dune buggy on Mars, with now-bedroom classics like 'Another One Goes By', 'Wheats', and 'Chasing The Girl'.

The fact that the man has not released a record since 2005 borders on absurd, but know this: That whole time, Stoltzfus was thinkingabout communicating with you. Writing, recording, and rebuilding ever since, he is now proud to share with you a thing called LIGHT HEAT. Brought on with valuable contributions from Mazarin mainstay Mickey Walker and his old pals Sam Cohen (Apollo Sunshine/ Yellowbirds) and Drew Mills (Aspera/ Blood Feathers), the group somehow manages to weave classic references with the sound of the future. There's sweet soft harmonies alongside guitar pyrotechnics and a rhythm section any German dude from the 1970s would have been proud of.

"Vin Cacchione’s songs sound thick, like a muggy summer afternoon haze. This is a new track he just dropped from his base in Brooklyn… heavy doses of shoegaze and dreamwave while keeping its active pop ingredients.

Pick up the ltd white vinyl with this track and the B-side 'Transparent Castle', available from UK label Lucky Number Music." -yvynyl

Life Size Maps (DJ Set)

“A darker, paranoid underbelly haunts Magnifier from the very moment it opens with a tense hissing static...Filled with intricate instrumental flourishes, every song on Magnifier feels at the cusp of bursting at the seams”
- Jonny Leather (Mecca Lecca Recording Co.)


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