Vinyl Williams

Space cruisin’ teal pop driven by hypnotic kraut rhythms and shoegaze phantasms.

Vinyl Williams is a lifelong music & art project by Lionel Williams. Works include improvisations in Berlin w/ Machinedrum, Verity Susman of Electrelane, Jochen Arbeit of Einstuerzende Neubauten, with help of The Mindpirates. Exhibitions in LA, NY, Seoul, Berlin. Tours include USA and S. Korea.

LUSHES are a two-piece rock band from Brooklyn, NY. Their first
album, WHAT AM I DOING, was mixed by Adam Cooke (Beach House, Double Dagger),
and produced by Bachelorette (Drag City) and LUSHES.
LUSHES’ music brings together the metal and early grunge influences of
guitarist/synth/lead singer James Ardery with the classical influences of
drummer/SPD-S sampler Joel Myers. They meet somewhere in the middle, adding
synth textures, pianos recorded backwards, opera samples, power saws, vocal mumbling
and whatever else they can come up with, all played over trance-inducing percussion
and emotive guitar lines. The result is an aesthetic that alternates between sparse and
immersively lush.
LUSHES started playing in a garage in south Williamsburg in 2010. They have
played with Guardian Alien (Greg Fox, ex Liturgy drummer), Dope Body, Dead Rider
(Todd Rittman of U.S. Maple), The Disappears (with Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth), and
Notekillers, among others.
LUSHES are goof-offs, spazzes, warm hearted boys who will bum a beer off you,
then save your life when you need it.




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