Victor Krummenacher, The Black Marshmallows

Victor Krummenacher

Victor Krummenacher is an American musician and bass guitarist who is a founding member of alternative rock band Camper Van Beethoven. He also helped form CVB offshoots Monks of Doom and Camper Van Chadbourne and has pursued a solo career as a singer-songwriter. As a recording artist, Krummenacher has been active for more than 20 years and has appeared with numerous projects including Cracker, Fifth Business and A Great Laugh. His latest musical project is McCabe and Mrs. Miller, a new band with Alison Faith Levy, formed in 2008.

The Black Marshmallows

The Black Marshmallows is an experimental, alt. country, southern rock band made up of vets from the San Francisco and New York music scenes. While living in New York David Knowles (singer, guitar) played trumpet with such groups as Luna, Clem Snide, Champale, and Nina Pearson's A-Camp. A composer for film, Roland Kniese (lead guitar) is also the driving force behind the San Francisco group Black Swans. Roderick Wyllie (drums) also plays clarinet with Black Swans, and has played with Knowles in the punk and alternative groups MJB and Raining House. Elliot Warren (bass) most recently gigged with the group Evening Post. Friends and musical collaborators for years, The Black Marshmallows formed in 2009 in order to scratch the itch that is southern rock.

Raw Vision

3 piece band that plays slightly minimalist, straight forward adult punk/rock. No screaming but at moments a bit raucous.


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