Boris Garcia

Boris Garcia

In the past six years since inception, BORIS GARCIA has set about trouncing genre "lines in the sand" and has fused Pop, Bluegrass and Jam into their own undeniable sound. BORIS GARCIA was born when friends recorded for fun only to find an audience beyond their wildest dreams. "We put together a band of the best local musicians for a one-off gig," "It worked so well we did it again, and again, and again." BORIS GARCIA quickly evolved into one of the most unique Americana / Jam bands in the land. They masterfully blend acoustic and electric instrumentation with American roots sensibility and melody that envelopes like a warm robe.

Their brand new CD "Today We Sail" was produced by Railroad Earth fiddler Tim Carbone and is their fourth national release. Eleven new tunes showcase Boris Garcia's ability to tell a story and forge a lasting melody. Love and compassion, tales of higher order and sometimes personal disorder, songs that speak to the human condition. The title track "Walking Barefoot" speaks of faith, faith in one's self and of drawing lines in life's "sand". "Deaf, Dumb and Blind" beckons wonderful, heartfelt new love and haunting calling while "Mighty High" speaks not of getting high, but of being high, really high on life's beauty and wonder.
Boris Garcia has seen significant commercial airplay charting AAA and Americana pacing them "outside" most of the Jamband crowd," real song's that resonate" despite any monikers or genre classification. Boris Garcia factored in the charts and placed top 10 for over 8 months peaking at #6 overall.

"Today We Sail" was over one year in the making and features the fiddle of musical guest Tim Carbone.

Boris Garcia is…
Bob Stirner, guitar, bass, vocals
Jeff Otto, guitar, vocals
Bud Burroughs, mandolin, keys, accordion
Chip Denoyers, Pedal Steel guitar
Tim Kelly, Drums
All tunes penned by the songwriting team of Jeff Otto and Bob Stirner.

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