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Project Emira

Upon Betrayal

A band of friends brought together through love of music and sarcasm and awesome fun and creativity. Came together to make one thing happen. Serve the music world with the best ideas yet, to come from young minds. And brought forth the blood, sweat, and moshing of their fans to come. Here a new beginning, and 'Awaken' the music we've been waiting to share to our families, friends, and fans. We welcome you. \m/


Active since early 2010, Arkangela is a band of brothers, driven towards delivering a new dish to the monotonous table of the current music scene. Coming from several diverse musical backgrounds and influences, they deliver a well conducted mix of melody, octane, orchestration, bite, theatrics, and potent vivacity all compacted into a deliciously chaotic recipe.

We are currently looking for a guitarist and a drummer, if anyone is interested in being in a serious band make sure to let us know!



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