The Sea People, Ed Ghost Tucker, Dogcatcher

The Sea People

With a sound that could be described as socially conscious disco, or perhaps indie erotica, the Sea People's gritty, punchy, crunchy, and wavy funk-folk-dance-rock soundscapes electrify the limbs of listeners with colorful soul vibes.

The band was formed at Stanford University in late September 2009 by keyboardist Chris Beachy and guitarist Charlie Glick; very soon the lineup included Dan Barden
stein bangin' at them drums and Ella Cooley up front on the lead vocals. In late January of '09, David Kettler, one of Charlie's friends from Delaware, began to slap basses with Sea People.

The People are people who enjoy playing music, eating cereal and taking medium-length walks on the beach; they are people who enjoy making people dance; they are people who want to see people. They are The Sea People.

Ed Ghost Tucker

Ed Ghost Tucker is a five-piece indie/folk/jazz/rock ensemble from San Diego, California blending three-part vocal harmonies over richly layered instrumentation and eclectic time signatures. The band consists of Brian Disney, Ryan Miller, Rutger Rosenborg, and Cameron and Michaela Wilson. While this arrangement was formed in the summer of 2012, the members have a history of playing in and out of different groups together since 1998.


Despite their recent formation as a band, the members of Dogcatcher are lucky enough to recognize the rare chemistry ignited when musicians who know their craft well manage to stumble into the same room, bringing to life an eclectic bevy of jazz-infused riffs, swooning grooves, and meandering instrumental narratives.
Born from the rhythm sections of nameless bands from their quilted pasts, the gentlemen of Dogcatcher do what they do for one reason alone: to make music, and make it well. It’s no stretch to say the members of Dogcatcher mine inspiration from the likes of everyone from Andrew Bird to Hank Williams to Josh Ritter. The wistful, intent lyrics of Andrew Heine, the band’s primary songwriter and founder, don’t at first reveal the hodgepodge DNA that comprises Dogcatcher, but after a couple of listens you’ll find yourself identifying with songs like the infectious "Wish You Well," the morosely haunting "A Good Idea," or the brassy grit of "Dusty Trail." All of this is backed by the adroit rhythms of multi-instrumentalist Ryan Kingsmith, bassist Jared Milos – who sports a Lucifer-esque goatee, a sincere smile, a wedding band, beguiling his laid-back manner and fret-flying fingers – and the unfairly gifted Ramon Esquivel. (It’s rare that a 22-year-old drummer instantly stands out as an obvious talent; Esquivel does just that.)


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