Rock band. Melting faces & mending hearts since 1997.

Boy Hits Car

Made up of CRegg Rondell (Vocals & Acoustic 12 String Guitar), Mike (Guitar), Bill Gower (Bass), and Drummer Johnny Ransom, former Wind-UP Records recording artists BOY HITS CAR are known for playing the sickest, loveliest, ugliest, prettiest, most beautiful, melodic, heartfelt music that the band dubs "LoveCore". Their self-titled debut album was released in 2001 and included the hit single "I'm a Cloud."

These Los Angeles natives have toured with System of a Down, Incubus, Papa Roach, and Flyleaf to name a few, and were featured on the 2001 SnoCore Tour, as well as a few dates on the '06 SnoCore tour w/Seether and Shinedown. Haven gained a reputation of having one of the most powerful and captivating live shows, the boys have also made their way through Europe on their own headlining tours and played main stage slots at European festivals such as Reading and Leeds in England and Germany's Rock Am Rink and Rock Im Park, to name a few.

Their new album "The Passage", (self-financed/co. produced), features the single 'Escape the World', which was added to Atlanta's most cutting edge modern rock radio station, 105.3 'The Buzz', and without the help of any record company, managed to climb to #2 as the most requested song!!! When you hear track 3 off "The Passage", (officially released stateside in summer of 2006 through Rock Ridge Music), you'll see why...


XFactor1 was formed during the brutal winter of 2006 with the intent of bringing decadence, intensity and the true meaning of music back to a rock and metal scene that was sounding pretty tame and had lost its connection with the people that matter the most, the fans.

Armed with only a 3 song demo (Generation Chaos) and a second to none passion to be seen and heard, the band started making an immediate name for themselves in the midwest region of the nations corn belt via word of mouth and through a strong showing at live shows with such national heavyweights as Hell Yeah, Godsmack, Stone Sour, Disturbed & more. New legions of fans called XNation instantly identified with the message and passion of the band. The desire was undeniable and prompted one writer to dub XFactor1 "Americas Blue Collar Band" after he witnessed the band members going person to person at a large festival talking to everyone they could about the band and how grateful they were for everyone's support. Humble, hard working. REAL.

To date, XFactor1 has sold over 50,000 units combined of their EP (Something Inside), 1 CD/DVD combo (Live Another Day), 2 full length Cd's (American Dream/Hope For Tomorrow) and in 2011 charted for 4 weeks on Billboards Heatseeker charts for the NE/Central US region. Coming in as high as #2. XFactor1 has also been a feature band on various regional/national compilation cds from sources such as Metal Edge Magazine and more. In 2010, their strongest sponsor, Jagermeister included them on over 125,000 download cards that was distributed all over the United States at the Mayhem tour. In 2011, Red Bull named XFactor1 a top 5 band to watch. Furthering their status as a band on the move and a force to be reckoned with.

In 2012, XFactor1 signed to MRi/Megaforce to extend the reach for the release of their most ambitious and rock solid release to date, Famous.Last.Words. The defining formula that personifies who they are, what they believe in and the dreams that we all live for. A thirteen song collection of today's real world realities through the eyes of a real world band. XFactor1 will be touring extensively in the summer and fall of 2012 in support of Famous.Last.Words. Look for the release in stores on June 5th, 2012. Witness...REAL.

Lost Point, is a band with unique style, power and strength. Finding success with the title of Clear Channel's Best Band in Denver was just the beginning. After the release of their freshman album," All Dressed Up", success was a sure fire prelude. To headlining multiple sell-out shows, receiving national radio market testing, and full local radio play on Clear Channel stations, being hand-picked by Kevin Lyman for the Vans Warped Tour. After finding so much success, there was no other option than to follow-up their freshman release with a sophomore album that is stellar in every aspect. Taking a year off to focus exclusively on the creation of "Scars From Her", Lost Point is ready to bring forth the hardest hitting, gut-punching and lyrically geared product possible. Currently, the band has been focusing their time behind closed doors on incorporating multiple influences from electrifying beats, alternative fusion, teeth-grinding metal, impulsive rock and unequivocal lyrical persuasion into a streamline balance of a sound that is all their own. Preparing for an Uprising in the National Music Scene is the path that is ahead of this steadfast band. With major tours, national sponsorships and leading label interest within the future of this band in 2011, Lost Point will surely find a permanent home in the National Music Scene. Keep your eyes open and ears ready for what's to come…Lost Point will be back for the Regeneration starting 2011…and even though the name of the band is Lost Point, these boys know exactly where they are going.

Torch The Wagon

The spark that started the blaze happened on the summer solstice of 2008 when Torch the Wagon rose from the ashes of the previous bands the members had been in. The fire has only gotten hotter as Torch the Wagon continues to burn up the local scene playing some of Denver's hottest venues.

Torch the Wagon was formed by Jeff Simeral, the drummer from the popular local band Stepshort, and Jeff Johnson, a fresh newcomer to the Denver scene. The two Jeffs toiled day and night to build the finest wagon the world had ever seen. After 40 days and nights of devoted labor, the wagon was built. They then immediately set the wagon ablaze and recorded the resulting glorious inferno, creating their debut EP, "Longest Day of the Year".

Jeff Simeral (lead vocalist and rhythm guitar) electrifies crowds with his magnetic charisma and raw sex appeal. Jeff Johnson (lead guitar and backup vocals) is a charming devil destined from creation to ignite your soul with his red-hot guitar licks and suave sophistication. Mat Bell puts the bass in your face like it's some kind of race. Spencer Perkins lowers the boom with his hard-hitting, face-crushing drums of fury.

Torch the Wagon's music is a diverse, decadent blend of grunge, punk, stoner rock, and classic rock, and influences include such bands as Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and many, many more, which means that Torch the Wagon isn't just for anyone – it's for everyone. Their passion for all things rock shines through in their energetic, sizzling live shows. The only thing they can't do is disappoint.

So listen to Torch the Wagon, and remember:

"We aim to please, and we never miss." – Torch the Wagon

$10.00 - $120.00


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