Ula Ruth, The Can't Tells, The Mad Doctors, THEE ICEPICKS

Ula Ruth

Ula Ruth grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Raised Southern Baptist, she found her voice singing in church. She grew up with nothing, and dreamed of becoming something. She left her home at early age with the hopes of becoming a singer in New York City. One day she found fame, but they made her change her name. So now we are taking it back.

The Can't Tells

We are a band.

We embrace brevity with concisely written whatever in hopes of being listened to by you.

We are loud.

The Mad Doctors

Vocalist/guitarist Dr. Seth Applebaum, bassist Dr. Josh Park, and drummer Dr. Gregory X make up The Mad Doctors; a fusion of retro aesthetics, furious energy, and songs about barbecue. Self-described as psychofuzz, the band is a hairy snot rocket of garage punk, surf rock, and psychedelia smashed into a disgusting blender in some backwoods shanty.


In the frozen wastelands of Maine on Febuary 6,1966, a small group of east coast surfers and slacker musicians hiked up Barker Mountain at dusk to try out the newest snow-riding craze, "The Snurfer." As they descended in the moonlight, a lone wolf's howl created a massive avalanche, crushing them into the frozen rock in an instant of sudden death.
Years pass, and the world falls into it's current dilapidated, pre-apocalyptic state, and in 2007 as our super-heated planet melts the world's cold places, the long forgotten group of corpses are awakened! Thawed out by the evils of man! In a haze of hunger and confusion, the group slowly lurches their way from the mountains back to their beloved beach and their old surf break...
... but the hunger of their zombie vessels could not be restrained, and they began to feed on the beachgoers... but when a nearby transistor radio playing a familiar song grabbed their attention, it seemed instrumental surf music was the only element strong enough to curb their desire for human flesh! The group knew what they had to do...
THEE ICEPICKS were reanimated! They dawned the skimasks, goggles, and turtlenecks from their old gear to hide their hideous disfigurements and took to the stage!
... And 300 shows later we are still out there

$8.00 - $10.00


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