Some people have repressed desires that they would prefer to keep secret. They may be dark, lustful, destructive or absurd. They might reveal themselves in a dream (or nightmare). Alex Lilly and Bram Inscore created Touché as an outlet for their repressed desires, for the most part expressing them ambiguously but sometimes with colorful clarity.

As teens, the two met in a San Francisco prep school where they became fast friends. They both studied Classical music in college and they each moved to LA at different points to pursue their musical aspirations -- working with such luminaries as Beck, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Thurston Moore, The Bird and the Bee, and Mike Patton. Alex also fronted her own band, Obi Best.

The duo began writing in a studio in the hilly outskirts of LA, influenced by the sounds of Grace Jones, Arthur Russell, Todd Rundgren, rap radio station KDAY and Europop. The songs were constructed by chopping and arranging their improvisations, embellished with some previously unfulfilled desires such as 70's style guitar shredding and brief forays into rapping. The name, Touché, refers to the sporting nature of their collaborative process as well as to the music's softly confrontational style. French for "touch", Touché also alludes to the music's sensuality - it's boy-girl harmonies and oscillating textures.

Bram and Alex are multi-instrumentalists with a penchant for classic pop songwriting as well as lush synthscapes and dance floor anthems. They are song-crafters that always end up in the rave tent.

Vega Evaga

Pyschedelic Electronic Rock

They Said You Were Dead

They Said You Were Dead (Formerly Blueberry Cake) is a three-piece band originating in Denver, CO. The members - Cara, Garrett, and Lauren - are all seasoned musicians and advocates of the Denver music scene. Their mutual interests include dinosaurs, sleeping, arguing over the meaning of the word "syncopated", drinking, and rocking your face off.



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