Abolishment Of Flesh, Fields Of Elysium, DESPISE THE SUN, Atrocious Abnormality

Abolishment Of Flesh

Death metal hailing from the lone star state. Born in 2006 AOF has and is continually evolving musically, stretching it's boundaries to create extreme music.

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Melodic Texas Death Metal!

Fields Of Elysium

We as musicians are all destined to expand musical boundaries,creativity and push the limitations of mans understanding of music continuing to evolve every second of every day... from the intense highs to the absolute lows ... from the extreme technical brutality to the smooth melodies... from positive to negative and everything in between... music is just our canvas and we are artists trying to create a masterpiece... in our music there is no right or wrong... no bullshit or politics... just an ongoing progressive force striving for perfection and sounds of extreme emotion through our instruments...


Denver metal
album "embers of the almighty"out on ossuary industries in 2013!!!!!!!!!!
offical despise the sun website!!!!!!http://www.wix.com/donevans0/despise-the-sun
Band Interests
Keeping the death metal scene alive and in full force!
Artists We Also Like
condemned...amagortis...impending doom...sleep terror

Atrocious Abnormality

Atrocious Abnormality is a brutal death metal band from Kings Mountain, N.C., formed in Feb. 2006 by Brent Williams, former drummer of such bands as Lust of Decay, Putrilage, Chaosego and more, and Steve Green of Lust of Decay and Comatose Music. After a month or so James O'Neal from Apotheosys and now Lecherous Nocturne was recruited for the bass duties, which he handles quite well! After about a year and a half of writing Atrocious Abnormality entered Sound Lab Studios in Columbia S.C. with engineer Bob Moore in July 2007 to begin recording of the debut full length album "Echoes of the Rotting". Shortly after the album was released on Halloween 2007.
Now brings 2011, and after a couple of line-up changes, Atrocious Abnormality is once again a 3 piece band, yet still hoping to find an able guitarist to fill the void, and the band is possibly seeking to add a vocalist to the ranks as well before the recording their 2nd full length album to be titled "Formed in Disgust".
The new album will consist of 9 songs and will be recorded in the winter of 2011/2012

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