The KPSOLOMAN5000 Quartet, Jon Linker Band, One Fine Damn Band and Bill Stroupe, Acousticrimes

The KPSOLOMAN5000 Quartet

Kyle Perkins of 25 MINUTES TO GO acoustic punk, folk, country, rock & blues with accompaniment from Geoff 'Geoffreaux' White (of OverMountainMen/Appalucia/LostSoulTravelingShow/LeadvilleSocialClub/TheGoddamnGallows) on fiddle, Wyley Buck Boswell (of Appalucia/Hectagons!/AndyTheDoorBum/Clavius/HellOrHighWater) on banjo & Christopher 'Skeez Slezak (of Appalucia/Adulterers/MembersOfTheSea/Foxchase/VedaWoolf/Crackers&Snackmeat) on percussion, maybe more!

Jon Linker Band

Born of the sand and clay of the Carolina Piedmont, the JLB is a homegrown conglomeration of rock, blues, folk, funk, and fun that is guaranteed to put a little air in your boots and a smile on your face

One Fine Damn Band and Bill Stroupe

Bitching and Moaning in Your Beer... with accompaniment from Isaac Stroupe (mandolin), Ian Morgan Stroupe (upright-bass) & Geoff 'Geoffreaux' White (fiddle)


Acousticrimes is John Austin of the Not Likelys(Crust Pop). Give me an acoustic guitar and I will sing you a song.

$5.00 - $7.00


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