Pressure Point Usa

The original Denver born Rock Band singing for our Liberty and Freedom! Inspired from the Founding Forefathers visions during the inception of this Great Nation to pursue the American Dream of Liberty, Justice.....and of course a life of ROCK & ROLL! Making our original music to bring a message of Peace to our world. Trying to initiate free thinking outside the box through our lyrics, stage performance and sound. Come join Cap, The Mean G, and Machine Gun Kelly, Big Sergz and Johnny Blaze is time to awaken so let us play, sing and dance our message to the masses. It's all about the PEACE, The LOVE and OUR FREEDOM!!!


We are a hard rock band from humble Aurora, Colorado. Our ability to rock your soul is only surpassed by our ability to rock the stage!. Our hard-hitting, melodic sound is likely to leave you with a feeling of total awesomeness. Don't worry, this feeling is permanent and will only increase as we continue to play your favorite Devoutcast songs.

We combined the sounds of bands like A7X, BFMV, Ratt, and Metallica to create music that can only be described as one thing...WILD!

Our shows are exciting and totally wicked events! When Devoutcast takes the stage, it is impossible to stay in your seat. Your seat actually folds up and pushes you into crowd (true story). The music draws to your primal need to rock!...Sexually... ;D

So come rock with us!

The New Romantics


The New Romantics are an American Straight Edge Punk Rock Trio from Denver Colorado. NEW SINGLE "Killing Hour" OUT NOW!


The New Romantics are an American Straight Edge Punk Rock Trio from Denver Colorado. Created in 2012, The line-up consists of Daniel Gorman (Vocals/Guitar), Jeremy Kissinger (Bass), and Medina (Percussion).

The Angry Hand Of God

Angry Hand of God began in 2006 when the band’s two original guitarists Mark Pilloud and Pat Dixon met via an
ad on m and began writing the band’s first few songs. Bass player Brian Kennedy joined later followed by
drummer Garrett McGaugh. They continue d to write with Brian and Pat sharing vocal duties while gigging around Denver.
The name slowly be gan garnering respect in Denver’s tight knit metal underground. The last addition to band was vocalist and
Colorado native, Ezana Negash. AHOG continued as a 5 piece until Pat left in 2010 to pursue professional opportunities and start a family. In their previous bands, the members of AHOG made everything from technical prog-rock, to speed metal, to jazz and punk rock. However, Angry Hand of God was
formed with a more focused aim: to make heavy blues based metal with the initial appeal of the best fist pu
mping head-banging rock and roll anthems, while at the
same time insuring the music reveals depth/sophistication upon repeated listening. AHOG’s progenitors included bands likeBlack Sabbath, Clutch, COC, Dozer, Kyuss, Mountain, The Sword, Red Fang, and Queens of the Stone Age. They are in
no way limited to these sources and are inspired by all
good music, heavy or not, taking away the badass parts
and leaving the rest behind. Thus far Angry Hand of God has recorded one EP (s/t) and is gearing up for the release of their first full length album -Revelations from Rock Bottom
set to be released on August 3rd, 2012. Both the EP
and the album were recorded at Module Overload Studios with respected Denver mainstay Jamie Hillyer.
The year 2012 promises to take AHOG’s influence from
slow burn to full blown inferno. Angry Hand of God will continue
do it to ear holes with all the force and righteous fury of a rock ap
ocalypse and drop it heavyon all audiences local and points beyond.

Sarin Aid

Eric & Adam Linnebur and Ryan Burbank, "The Brothers Bur" take pride in their ability to judge character. In the many years of growing and learning, there have been many faces come and go, and also come and stay. Together with too many names to mention, music was always on the forefront of our interests. Adam, and our honorary Bass who is serving in the Army at the moment, Jess Jeffers, started playing a rock night fairly regularly. Interest set fire and now after multiple transformations and many years we have come to enlighten you with our own version of "piece of mind." Since those days we have added a lead guitarist who was an easy choice as our man Ryan Burbank shreds the frets in musical madness. Mike Thornwall has been part of our music since we were still playing on mom and dads old stereo with cassette tapes. He continues our tradition by bringing his vocal talents to our collective ideas. Eric Quintana has been around for years, but we are only now becoming aware of his drumming talents and he was an immediate fit in this "band of brothers". When our powers combine we are SarinAid and do what we can to help to enlighten the populace.




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