Paal/Child and The Unique Ladies

Paal/Child and The Unique Ladies

Paal / Child
dirs. Christoph Müller & Victor Vargas, 2012, Mexico/Canada/Switzerland, 21 min.
Paal tells the story of Memo, a Mayan child, whose biggest dream is to tell the stories of his people. Through his own vision and fantasy, we explore the everyday life and culture of his town, and the exuberant nature of Yucatan’s jungle in the south of Mexico. Paal pays homage to a magical world that is not exempt from the influence of the occidental world.

The Unique Ladies
dir. Gloria Moran, USA, 30 min - Philadelphia Premiere
The Unique Ladies is a short documentary aimed to expose an audience to Lowrider culture localized around women’s work and participation. Using a hybrid style of verite footage with interwoven interviews, The Unique Ladies take you on a funky ride down the streets of Chicano San Diego.
Sponsored by Leeway Foundation.
Filmmaker Gloria Moran will be present to discuss the film.

Also showing (to be confirmed):
Restaurant Opportunity Center (ROC) Shorts:
Latino Restaurant Workers in the USA.

7 min. each (14 min. total)
Philadelphia ROC will be present to discuss the shorts.
Sponsored by Bread & Roses

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