PTP's 8 Year Anniversary with Indian Jewelry + Deathday

Part Time Punks

Indian Jewelry

INDIAN JEWELRY was in fact, the first band who was ever asked back to play PTP a second time. If you've ever seen their seizure-inducing live show, you know why. Back in 2005, they were our Throbbing Gristle, our Cabaret Voltaire--or as close to what we thought we would ever get. (FYI: They were such an important band to Michael, that back in October of 2005 he decided for the first time he would actually make printed posters. The only thing was...he'd never done anything like that before. So off he went to the local Xerox shop with scissors and glue and a host of images and made the first ever PTP poster.) Now, they're coming back, armed with a dark and wondrous new LP to stun, paralyze and even deafen. What a way to celebrate another year.

Deathday is built around brothers Alex and Giovanni Guillén. Constructed from the aggressive textures of early industrial music, the ambiance of cold wave and shoegaze, and the carnal energy of post-punk, Deathday was originally devised as a live duo accompanied by vintage drum machine. As their sound progressed, Joevanie Lopez was added to provide live drums and pads, and expand the outfit’s execution, and Jeramy Graham joined on to carry out live electric bass and synth bass duties.

Deathday's self-titled full-length conjures images of dark catharsis, taking cues from American violence, occultism, isolation, and sterility. Having immersed themselves in this dark iconography, the album articulates a unique and personal perspective of our collective past. The dread of these events lies like a fog over the album, available March 6th on limited edition Sweating Tapes cassette, and on vinyl this summer through Desire in Europe and Sweating Tapes in the US.

Net Shaker

Described as "Macabre electronics, works of mourning, attempts to wake the dead" by The Wire Magazine in the UK, NET SHAKER's sounds are alternately minimal/moody and swirling drones. Come drown in their sea of dread.

$8.00 - $10.00


PART TIME PUNKS celebrates its 8th Anniversary with live performances by some of PTP's favorite live bands EVER!

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