Max Creek's "Down on the Farm" Halloween Show

Calling all ducks, dawgs, and Dixie chickens! Is tending a crop of greens on Maggie's Farm All That You Dream? Then come join Max Creek Down on the Farm this Halloween!

After 43 years of playing music in various places all over the country, Max Creek is not only surviving as a musical entity, we are in fact thriving. We are excited about our music, about our fans, about life as a band, and playing music with each other remains as fresh, interesting and enlivening as it’s ever been.

No matter what one might think after this much time playing together, we do not claim to be a well-oiled machine – nor would we want to be. Playing music should not be habitual or automatic – things constantly require attention, thought, work, and jamming together in that respect becomes a new and creative experience every time we climb onstage. We owe that to you, as well as ourselves. We could never expect joy in the hearts of anyone listening if there is not joy in ours in doing what we do. And to not be doing this would be taking away something very essential for us – Playing in Max Creek is like breathing.

We have always considered ourselves to be a “family band” – not only within our own ranks, but also with all of you. Every show is a reunion of sorts, and being together as people becomes part of the experience that is as important as the music that binds us together. 43 years ago we were founded on the premise that anyone that needed a place to be could be here. And out of that came the idea that music can illuminate aspects about the nature of life that can’t be perceived or put forth in any other way. Those two ideals are still alive with us today.

We welcome you as part of our family in any way that you see yourself being. Come on in, pull up a chair at the table, join us for some music and dance, and thanks for being here.

$20.00 - $25.00


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