Rich DeWilde

Rich DeWilde

Rich DeWilde is a San Francisco musician who has been involved in the local scene with bands for, shall we say, more than a few years as a guitarist and songwriter. Five years ago, he decided he wanted to learn piano and went off on an entirely new tangent. In that time, he has developed an intensely intimate yet revealing sound, a sound that is heartfelt and achingly bittersweet. This music has been described by others as a lifeline he throws to the crowd and everyone just hangs on. Enjoy.

James Houlahan

James Houlahan is a singer, songwriter, and guitar player from Boston, Massachusetts, currently based in Los Angeles, California. His music is an authentic mix of acoustic roots, rock, alternative folk, and strange flights of sonic alchemy. Influenced by writers such as Dylan, Waits, Young, and Cohen, Houlahan's original songs combine traditional forms and simple melodies with evocative language and stark imagery. A founding member of Boston-area bands such as Dogs on Television and The Jody Grind, Houlahan has come to be known as a songsmith who channels both tradition and poetic innovation. His 2012 solo release “misfit hymns,” contains songs that sonically reside somewhere between folk and rock, thriving on the music of the past while keeping one ear on the future.

Brod Rob (closing set)

Brod Rob has just returned from a stint in L.A., and is back in a big way. Explosions of rock, funk, and electronic music are bound to fill venues in the bay and throughout California. An experience that must be heard, seen and felt.


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Rich DeWilde with James Houlahan, Brod Rob (closing set)

Tuesday, May 21 · 8:00 PM at Hotel Utah

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