The Barbary Breakout 3

Camping, Bands, Dj Parties, Motorcycles, RV's, and Booze!

The best damn event all summer is back! June 13-14th at Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground in Milton, Pa. Every year keeps getting better and better, and we can't wait to party with you for a THIRD year in a row!




Same as last year, we are all meeting at The Barbary at 10am on June 14th. We will have tank maps for everyone and will be taking mostly back roads the whole way. Any bikes/riders are welcome to join us, but make sure your bike is tuned up and ready to go. There will be an RV with a trailer in case there are any issues along the way.

If you need a ride, feel free to meet up with us at 10am at the Barbary. Last year we worked it out so everyone got a ride. Otherwise, the smarter plan would be to organize your own carpool and have everyone chip in for gas. If you still need a ride and want to plan ahead, post about it on the event page (


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The Barbary Presents the very first.. BARBARY BREAKOUT! A weekend getaway. With camping, bands, dj parties, motorcycles, and booze. Out under the stars! Featuring: Bands AN ALBATROSS THE HIGH FIVE SERPENT THRONE DONG JOHNSON Dj Parties GUITAR ARMY TIGERBEATS BLOW UP A GO-GO Bike Run THE THUNDERFUCK BIKE RUN Motorcycle prizes and giveaways. SATURDAY JUNE 8TH-9TH DESTINATION: STEEL STEADS BIKER CAMPGROUND 1095 Pennsylvania 405 Milton, PA 17847 Details: On Saturday June 8th, eet-up at the Barbary at 10am. If you purchase a ticket+bus pass, this is when the buses will depart. The motorcycle ride is at 10am as well. For people driving, it's obviously up to you. Schedule of events: Arrival: 1pm (ish) Set up camping spots/hang out: 1-4pm Bands: 4-7 Food/fires/exploring: 7-10 Dj parties: 10 - ??? Sunday june 9th: Enjoy the day. Buses leave at 3pm. for more info, check out

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