FREE SHOW! Tribute to THE RAMONES feat. The Honeyman (Anna Waronker, Rachel Haden, Patty Schemel & Joey Santiago), The Henry Clay People, The Shrills, Cinderella Motel, The Cigarette Bums, Sara Radle & The Mockingbirds, Washing Machines

The Henry Clay People

After just over 10 years as a band, The Henry Clay People played their final show in August of 2013 and went their separate ways.

The Cigarette Bums

Latchkey garage punks from all over CA gather for the monster they call the Cigarette Bums. Consisting of Steven Carrera and Eamon Mcginnis, and joined by Ryan Aguilar, Jaime Ramirez, and Tim "Tenor" Greenshields, the group plays "a Dylan-meets-Daniel Johnston–meets-Replacements-meets-Beefheart smash-up that’s a real pleasure to watch. The Bums play repetitious, folksy stanzas with a snot-nosed, garage-band delivery, and they throw in an occasional, speedy jazz-intoned riff for flare", as says LA Weekly. With two 7 inches, a few eps, a full length on the way, and a tenacity to strive, The Bums won't stop (even after they make it to your town).

Washing Machines

"If you ever imagined standing in a hallway between the practice spaces of Sonic Youth and Nirvana, this is what it’d sound like."
Kevin Bronson / Buzzbands LA

Sara Radle and the Mockingbirds

The story of Sara Radle’s music career is one that began in San Antonio, Texas in the late 90’s but she is probably most known for being the reason The Rentals reunited in 2005.

In 1996, at the age of seventeen, she began carving out a name for herself in the Texas music scene with punk-pop trio Lucy Loves Schroeder and her own solo project. Eight years later, ex-Weezer bassist Matt Sharp played a show with her in Dallas, and very soon after, he asked her to relocate to Los Angeles, CA in 2005 to re-form The Rentals. Radle and Sharp re-built the band from the ground up, wrote some songs together, recorded the group’s Last Little Life EP, and toured the world. Fans were sad to see Radle leave The Rentals in 2008, when she soon after joined Los Angeles-based indie-rock band Walking Sleep. With her September 2010 fourth solo album release, Four, it was time she returned to her true passion – writing and recording her own music.

Cinderella Motel

LA-bred Cinderella MOTEL combines the eclectic madness of 70’s punk, the amped-up attitude of garage rock, and the sly sensibilities of 80’s pop to create an outfit never seen around the LA scene, at least not like this. CM creates a captivating wave of sound by melting eccentric audio arrangements, breakneck tempo changes, and subversively carnal and profoundly whimsical lyrics with JFR’s wailin
g guitars, Guerrero’s thunderous drum chops, Robles’ thick-filled bass licks, and Tomahawk’s full-force growling, howling yet lady-like vocals, crunchy rhythm guitar, and occasional punk-styled accordion.
CM’s first full-length release bolts straight out the gate with the bombastic title track ‘Automatic Pleasure.’ With songs like the horns-in-the-air, Sabbath-invoking ‘Clearance Valentine,’ the accordion-laced, punk barn burner ‘Put It Out’ and the hedonistic pleasure anthem ‘You Were Never My Boyfriend (So Let’s Dance),’ Cinderella MOTEL provides the soundtrack for all of us who want to live life with the knob cranked to eleven.
The album was recorded at The Cave Studio in LA by LightFM frontman Josiah Mazzaschi (William Reid-The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Blood Arm, Built to Spill) and mastered by Jon Drew in Toronto (Metric, F**ked Up, Tokyo Police Club).
Basically, if Iggy, Joan Jett, The Kills and Peaches had a baby backed by the Sioux nation, you'd have Cinderella MOTEL.

“Cinderella Motel’s thrashy old-school squalor owes a huge debt to black-dressed songstresses of the past — fans of Siouxsie Sioux and Joan Jett, take note — with frontwoman Tammy Tomahawk juggling guitar and accordion and howling at ghosts wearing studded belts and leather collars. Or maybe they’re not ghosts at all. The quartet, working on a full-length scheduled for a fall release, features thundering rhythms from bassist Dustin Robles and drummer Raul Guerrero, and appropriately shreddy licks from lead guitarist Janice Reid. L.A. once thrived on a steady diet on a steady diet of post-punk like Cinderella Motel’s; now we have only occasional side dishes to make you scream like a banshee.” –Kevin Bronson,

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