The Michael Collins Band

Hailing from the rough-and-tumble back alleyways just north of New York City, The Michael Collins Band toiled under the eponym 10/9 Central before emerging from a sticky womb of self-doubt to the confident clean-shaven indie rock troubadours that now regularly melt faces in the cooler havens of Manhattan. The band's music is rooted in the British indie scene of the 1980's, including The Smiths, Joy Division and The Stone Roses, but is also heavily influenced by The Pixies, R.E.M. and the Replacements. With a loyal core following and the occasional celebrity guest appearance, an MCB show is a classic case study in chaos theory, where truly anything could happen. And a flask of bourbon won't hurt either.
> The lineup: Marc Seligman, Bass. Patrick Dundas, Drums. Michael Collins, Guitar/Vocals

My Name Is Gabriel Mayers

I'm no one special. I've always been shy. I've never been popular or considered cool by a lot of people. I'm not particularly good at any sport or anything like that. Im not brainy. I don't have any degrees and I've never been recognized for anything with any kind of award besides "class participation" certificates I got back in grade school.

About 9 years ago I decided to drop out of school and pick up the guitar with the dream of becoming a big star like my hero, Kurt Cobain. I taught myself to play guitar, write songs and sing. I was told by most people that music is too hard of an industry to break into and that my time would be better spent pursuing an education or starting a career.

I didn't listen. I read. I studied music. I listened to Dylan and Lennon and Hendrix and Cobain and whoever else inspired me to live my life my way. I followed my heart. It led me a few places I'd have rather not gone. The hopelessness of my dream weighed heavy on me every day for years and I contemplated ending my life. What would be the point of living a life where dreams were things that must be deferred, denied or crushed to fit the expectations of society?


I didn't quit. I kept playing. I brought the fullness of my heart and richness of my experience directly to the people. I took the music to the NYC subway, which is famous for building the careers of many famous musicians. Still, there was doubt, internally and externally. Still I played. I devoted my life to the music. I put my heart out there. I found a cure for the doubt in opening myself completely. For better or worse, here I am.

Adam Zuniga

ROOM 1 “I want to take the guitar and move it forward,” says guitarist and composer Adam Zuniga. And that’s just what he does on his aptly named second album, Discoveries, plus the some 100 plus gigs he plays yearly in San Antonio, the city where he resides and his music has become part of the local landscape.

Deftly balanced on the fulcrum of tradition and innovation, Zuniga’s guitar instrumentals open new modern vistas and bring freshness to the musical roots that provide the foundation for his playing and compositions. Channeling his nylon string guitar through effects and electronics, Zuniga excels at drawing from time-honored Latin and other guitar styles and grooves and weaving them into a vivid and stunning melodic tapestry that includes threads of jazz, World beat, fusion, electro, ambient, chill-out, dub, techno and more with splashes of rock and pop, blending any and all elements he draws from into an organically coherent sound. And at the same time he creates indelible and engaging melodies that convey rich emotional content and imagery without a single word.

Hungry Duck

Hungry Duck is a Jam Rock band based out of New York City. Pulling predominantly from blues, funk and rock the band creates a classic sound that hearkens back to the golden era of rock, while never sounding dated. The band's soulful approach blends technical prowess with quality songwriting resulting in a visceral experience that forces you to move.

Massively Epic

2013 is the beginning of the #MassivelyEpic movement with Kelly the Bruce and Ravin Dave.

We are a dynamic duo that drop bombs and rock the dance floor. We sometimes bring ourselves, we sometimes bring friends, we always bring a good time. Our combination of house, electro-house, dub or call it whatever, will cause you to dance your face off!!

Join the movement of fun - #massivelyepic!



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