Ola Podrida, Anacortes, Aaron Zimmer

Ola Podrida

Ola Podrida is the Austin band headed up by film composer David Wingo (GEORGE WASHINGTON, ALL THE REAL GIRLS, TAKE SHELTER). The band formerly resided in Brooklyn, where after the release of their self-titled debut album they built up a loyal following and twice toured Europe in 2008, culminating in a performance at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead, UK. In 2009 Wingo moved back to his former home of Austin, TX and released the second Ola LP BELLY OF THE LION on Western Vinyl. Upon his return to Austin Wingo put together a new lineup featuring David Hobizal (drums), Colin Swietek (guitar) and Matt Clark (bass) and after touring Spain and the US in support of the album, the band took some time off before beginning to work on the songs that would comprise the third Ola Podrida album, GHOSTS GO BLIND. While the songs still retain the intimacy of Wingo’s previous efforts, the new band gives them a much wider dynamic range, and with Wingo ditching the acoustic guitar for the most part, it’s safe to say that Ola Podrida has moved past the indie-folk of the previous two albums into completely new territory with the new album.


anacortes was born out of a chance meeting between frontman/songwriter Shane Chapman, and drummer Ricky Watts at a street fair in Brooklyn. Shane needed a drummer to sub in for a Dolly Parton cover band set, and Ricky stepped up to the stage, given only the most basic direction. The chemistry was instantaneous, and the music that followed was seamless. Songs inspired by the quiet streets of NYC in a snow storm, and traveling back and forth to Shane's hometown as his dad battled cancer. anacortes is a journey that explores the gray lines of disaster and disease, and the joy that follows from no one having expectations of you.

Aaron Zimmer

Brooklyn based multi-instrumentalist AARON ZIMMER is proud to announce the release of First Persons, the first in a collection of short EPs to be released throughout 2013. Zimmer is making a name for himself in NYC and across the country not only for his brand of pop/rock, but also for his engaging one-man live show that includes a multitude of instruments, percussion and loops...a show that leave his audiences wondering, "how'd he do that?" Aaron will be touring clubs and college campuses through 2013. For more info, go to www.aaronzimmer.com

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