Wilderun, Aether Realm, Earthen, Warseid

"The band combines original material with traditional folk songs, many of which have been pulled from America's rich repertoire. Wilderun's goal is to bring these old and lost folk tales to a modern audience, giving them a fresh metal twist, as well as creating epic, original compositions."

Aether Realm

"Thor's hammer crashed to the earth with a mighty rumble. When the smoke cleared, there were some guys. Some stuff happened that set the mood, something about a quest to rock some towns, and now we play melodeath"


EARTHEN is a Chicago based metal band which seeks to provide a range of listeners with quality music inspired by life experiences and the voice of nature which resonates within us all...

Earthen was born of "The Narthex Projeckt", a creation brought into being in 2003 by Mike Le Gros. Originally a female fronted band, after experimenting with various different sounds and a plethora of members who came and went, Earthen has finally evolved into the sort of musical experience that it is today. Nature being the ever present driving force in all of our lives, is often reflected in both the imagery and music that Earthen produces. Each member provides his or her own unique addition to the sound whether it be the soul-churning guitars, the storm of drums, the powerful emotion of the keyboards, the lilting accent of the flute, the thunder of bass or the haunting melody of the male vocals. Together they coalesce to form a voice that has been forgotten by humankind for far too long. You can hear us in the wolf's mournful howl or in the night wind as it whispers through the ghostly trees. We are here to remind you of the fate that binds us all. We are Earthen.


"Warseid is an independent folk metal act from Madison, Wisconsin. The group was formed in 2008, and has always included many symphonic elements with their somewhat traditional sound. Their lyrical themes range from nature, to mythology and fantasy, often presented with very dark tones."

Truculent Void

"Truculent Void is a melodic death metal band of 5 seasoned musicians. We enjoy being on stage. Commanding respect with brutal riffs and technical solos with high energy stage presents."

Eternium started out in the thoughts of 16-year old, Markov Soroka. With the self-financed "Aura Titian" demo recorded and heard by many ears, Markov was ready to recruit live and collaborative members. Whilst writing the entire full length by himself, Markov needed to find players for future collaboration and live shows.

After various trials, relocation, Eternium found a steady line up:

Markov Soroka - Guitars/Vocals
Brent Dossett - Bass/Vocals
Gabe Price - Guitars/Vocals
Chad Griffin - Keyboards/Vocals
Cole Sandel - Drums/Orchestral Percussion

Eternium is Symphonic Black/Death metal that is strongly influenced by Melodic Black and Death metal, and orchestral compositions. If compared to artists, Eternium can be compared to Emperor, Sacramentum, Dissection, Amon Amarth, and Sacrilege.

The music itself is very story-driven. All of the lyrics and compositions are a sort of "soundtrack" to a story of Markov's, regarding Auras, Creation, Death, and the general story of Titian, Amethyst, and Eternium, the solar giant of creation.

The full length is currently in pre-production, and little details have been disclosed thus far. We are hoping to release it sometime in early 2013, but as we all know, things sometimes may not go as according to plan or how we want. We are doing our best, and we are solely self-financed.

We are looking for labels in the future, but of course, we will submit physical material when we are ready. Thanks for all the support and attention from all the loyal fans.

$12.00 - $15.00


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