Ben Kenney (of Incubus)

Ben Kenney (of Incubus)

Ben Kenney, (born on March 12, 1977), is an American musician, and the bassist for the band Incubus. Ben Kenney played guitar for the hip-hop group The Roots before he joined Incubus in 2003 after the departure of bassist and founding member Alex Katunich aka Dirk Lance. He had previously played with Incubus members Mike Einziger and Jose Pasillas in Time Lapse Consortium. The introduction of Kenney into the group marked a shift in the band's sound. His groove-oriented sound replaced previous bassist Dirk Lance's funky bass lines. He also plays in his own band, The Division Group, (formerly known as Supergrub) with Neal Evans of Soulive and Ashley Mendel. They are releasing their new CD Saturnize in 2006. Ben is known to play 6 different instruments and sometimes plays drum solos with Incubus' drummer Jose Pasillas live on-stage. He has also done studio work for artists including Ben has two solo albums, 26 released in 2004, and Maduro released on March 1, 2006. Both were released by the independent record company, Ghetto Crush Industries. Ben plays guitar, bass, and drums while singing and writing every part on the solo records. His on-stage equipment includes Lakland Joe Osborn and Bob Glaub signature basses (based on Fender Jazz and Precision basses respectively), Line 6 effects and Mesa Boogie amplifiers.

Science Partner

Science Partner is an indie rock band based in Denver, CO. Originally started as a gravy train, it is now a six piece rock band with lush, three-part harmonies, walls of guitars and a tight rhythm section. Science Partner's newest release "Rocky Mountain News" is really great. Just really great.

Sarah Slaton

Sarah Slaton is eager. She's eager to know you and make you her friend. The second you meet her, she won't shake your hand, she'll give you a hug. It's infectious. And then there's her music. Her honest lyrics will speak to you no matter what you're going through because she's been where you are. Her live performance is soulful and captivating. She captures the human condition better than most folk artists ever have. She will make you feel.

In recent years Sarah has been seen sharing the stage with grammy-nominated Jennifer Knapp, Nathaniel Rateliff, Jay Brannan, Matt Morris, Nico Vega, Danielle Ate The Sandwich, Sick of Sarah, Speakeasy Tiger (warped tour 2010), The Spring Standards, Catherine Feeny, Sara Haze, and many more.



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