Based out of Central California, Choirs has been independently releasing music since 2011. Driven by their desire to create original and thought provoking music, Choirs has developed a unique sound and presence within the local Bakersfield music scene. Over the past five years the band has released an EP, two full length records, and has toured the west coast. 2016 represents not only a change in direction for the group but also a new achievement, as Choirs released its first single entitled "The Tempest" on a split 7 inch vinyl. Pirates Press (who pressed the vinyl) gave it an honorable mention on their Record of the Week Blog and was also featured on the music blog HI-FI Noise! With studio time planned for the next few months and gigs in the works, you can rest assured that Choirs will be making a name for themselves in the west coast music scene.

Straight On Till Morning


San Francisco based acoustic duo, RonDre. is a small band that combines two voices, two instruments, and two names into one BIG sound. Attention shifts to the stage the moment they begin, and their performances are both hypnotizing and exhilarating. Their lyrics are crafty, their compositions intricate, and their presence commanding.

RonDre. is sure to alter your perception of acoustic music through tight harmonies, heavy rocking break downs, and unforgettable melodies you’ll want to hear over and over again.


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