Dirty Bourbon River Show

Dirty Bourbon River Show

Since forming in early 2009, the Dirty Bourbon River Show has released 7 studio albums and played over 500 live shows, fast earning them a solid reputation for their tight, diverse sound and high-energy performances. They can be found bringing their blend of “New Orleans Gypsy Brass Circus Rock” all over the USA, performing at festivals and respected venues year-round.

The Dirty Bourbon River Show is comprised of Noah Adams (vocals, piano, guitar, accordion, trumpet), Charles “Big Charlie” Skinner (vocals, trombone, wind toys), Matt “Slyfox” Thomas (vocals, tenor, bari and Mississippi saxophone, clarinet), Jimmy Williams (bass, sousaphone) and Dane “Bootsy” Schindler (drums).

Their seventh studio album, Volume Four, continues to push the boundaries of modern-day music, pairing reflective, syncopated lyrics with complex, harmony-rich songwriting. As a full-time touring quintet of highly versed multi-instrumentalists, the Dirty Bourbon River Show strives to change the way we think and feel about music.

Bartender Brian

"Speaking of sandpaper soul, alt-country singer Bartender Brian also played. From the start, this guy’s always had the heart. But his chops are getting tighter, his voice more focused. This is the stuff of hard drink, harder feelings and woundingly raw expression. It’s the kind of music that makes you actually pine for heartbreak just for the lacerating catharsis of it. At this rate, he is quickly becoming the local artist that can credibly feed the fix between in-town stops by Lucero and Ben Nichols." - Boa LeHuu, "This Little Underground", Orlando Weekly 01/19/12.

On August of 2011 I recorded at Starlight Studio's here in Orlando, one of the owners wrote the following about the songs I recorded with them. It's one of the nicest things someone has said yet. Thanks Brock!
"Working on Bartender Brian this morning at Starlight Studios This is the most "real" folk stuff I have heard in a long time. It just goes to show their are still real story's to be told and not everything needs to by synthetic and programmed in music. Long live the "Room" Microphone."

"Also playing was Orlando's Bartender Brian, who deals in the rugged kind of country and folk that comes from punk grownups. His songwriting needs more seasoning, but there's promise. With a gruff voice in the Ben Nichols (Lucero) mold, he belts out songs with grit, soul and heartbreak. Dude's got corazón, that's for sure." - Boa LeHuu, "This Little Underground", Orlando Weekly 03/24/11.

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