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Cali Grown Festival

A reggae/hip-hop fusion festival.

Taj He Spitz

707 up and comer

Erk tha Jerk

In an era where the majority of artists are all sounding the same, looking the same, and doing the same things, Erk stands out as a real one of a kind artist. At first glance, you would not assume that Erk was a rapper/producer/songwriter, but with his trademark glasses, wit, and laid back persona, he brings something that your average music listener can embrace and relate to.

The Dirty Dub Band

Seasoned veterans of the California Reggae scene, The Dirty Dub Band has honed in their own style of Reggae that is sure to ignite any dance floor. In support of their first solo release they have been touring up and down the West Coast playing local Clubs, Pubs, and Festivals. They have been truly blessed to share the stage with: Don Carlos, Anthony B, Prezident Brown, Pato Banton, Warrior King, Iration, and Celly Cel.

Turf Talk

Turf Talk (born Demar Bernstine in Vallejo, California), is a Bay Area rapper at the forefront of the hyphy movement. His unique style of delivery has earned both local and national acclaim. Turf Talk is the protégé and cousin of platinum-selling Bay Area pioneer and legend E-40, and is signed to his mentor's Sick Wid It/30/30 Records.
Growing Up

Turf Talk told UK-based rap periodical Hip Hop Connection that he "came from living in hotel rooms.. for four to five years". The rapper returned to Vallejo (in the Bay Area) in 1999 to pursue his career under cousin E-40.

Turf Talk quotes his influences as "E-40 and The Click, Too $hort, and then The Dangerous Crew, and Mac Mall."

Originally rapping under the name Killa Kane, Turf Talk would first appear alongside Mac Shawn, another younger cousin of E-40, on the compilation CD Worldwide Bosses & Playas in 2001. His breakthrough came in 2003 performing the hook for the MTV-aired E-40 track "Gasoline", B-side to the single "One Night Stand".

Turf Talk would go on to appear in three tracks on E-40's 2003 album Breakin News as well as cement his growing reputation in the Bay Area's new movement by guesting in style on the official remix to The Federation's seminal hit "Hyphy".

In 2004 Turf Talk released his highly anticipated debut album The Street Novelist featuring his mentor E-40, The Federation and a range of Sick Wid It Records' artists. The CD included the Rick Rock-produced smash "It's Ah Slumper" and one of the final guest appearances of Mac Dre.

In 2005 Turf Talk released Turf Talk Brings The Hood: Colabilation part album, part compilation of tracks recorded with both long-time and up-and-coming Sick Wid It Records collaborators. The CD included the popular local hit "Turf Talk Iz Back".

In the early hours of July 14, 2005, Turf Talk suffered several shots to the face from a low caliber pellet shotgun, after being apparently targeted leaving a recording studio in Vallejo. He was treated at the Sutter Solano Medical Center and made a quick and full recovery.

On July 30, 2005 at the San Francisco Masonic Center, Turf Talk was announced as New Artist (Rookie) of The Year 2005 in the inaugural Bay Area Rap Scene (B.A.R.S.) Awards. He beat strong competition from both Mistah F.A.B. and Ya Boy.

Boosted by the signing of mentor E-40 to Lil Jon's multi-platinum BME/Warner imprint, Turf Talk announced plans to release his new studio album West Coast Vaccine: The Cure in 2006, featuring almost exclusive production by rap heavyweights Rick Rock and Lil Jon. The CD was delayed to early 2007.

In 2006 Turf Talk secured further exposure by appearing on E-40's BME debut and Billboard 200 success story My Ghetto Report Card as well as MTV's Hyphy music insight My Block: The Bay. His influence on the Hyphy movement was featured in Hip Hop magazines The Source and XXL.

In the summer of 2006 Turf Talk extended his cross-genre, national and international reputation after being invited to feature on the DJ Shadow Hyphy-influenced new release 3 Freaks. This led to an MTV music video alongside Keak Da Sneak, as well as a supporting role in a tour of Europe and Japan.

The tour climaxed with a performance in front of over 25,000 at the Wireless Festival in London's Hyde Park on June 23. Turf Talk appeared alongside Bay Area emcees Mistah F.A.B. and Nump, in a line-up which included Massive Attack, Pharrell, Gnarls Barkley and Damian Marley.

Turf Talk's unusual delivery is an important part of his act. The self-styled "devastating mouthpiece", he combines a distinctive drawl with fierce interjections using multi-track recording. The New York Times said "he has a high, pinched voice, less cartoonish than his cousin (E-40) and more ferocious".

The rapper himself ascribes his fast-changing flow to building a character for his listeners, complete with ad-libs, and to developing a range of marketable styles. "I'm always thinking about new ways to rap on different beats and new sounds, just something different to the human ear."

2004: The Street Novelist
2005: Turf Talk Brings The Hood Colabilation
2007: West Coast Vaccine: The Cure
2007: Hyphy Ain't Dead (with Mistah F.A.B.)
2010: "The Return Of The Jedi(Street Album)
2010: "Thug Therapy"
2011: "Turf-Talk Brings The Hood Colabilation 2
2011: Turf Sinatra (January 6,
2012: Sick-Wid-It Block Op (with Laroo)

Guest appearances

2001: "Worldwide Bossin We Be Flossin" (Mac Shawn feat. Turf Talk as Killa Kane)
2002: "Boss to Preciseness" (Jay Tee feat. E-40 & Turf Talk)
2003: "I Got Dat Work" (E-40 feat. Turf Talk)
2003: "Gasoline" (E-40 feat. Turf Talk and Doonie)
2003: "In the Heart of the Ghetto" (Mack 10 feat. Turf Talk)
2003: "Hyphy (Remix)" (The Federation feat. Turf Talk)
2005: "We So Cold" (Ya Boy feat. E-40 & Turf Talk)
2005: "Super Sic Wit It" (Mistah F.A.B. featuring Turf Talk & E-40)
2005: "We Beastin'" (Sean T featuring Turf Talk & Mr. Sandman)
2006: "Muscle Cars" (E-40 feat. Turf Talk & Keak Da Sneak)
2006: "Grown Man" (Remix) (Traxamillion feat. Clyde Carson, Dem Hoodstarz, Mistah F.A.B., San Quinn & Turf Talk)
2006: "3 Freaks" (DJ Shadow feat. Turf Talk & Keak da Sneak)
2007: "Mac Dre" (Mac Dre feat. Gangsta Mac, Turf Talk & Yukmouth)
2007: "Thick O' Thangz" (PSD, Keak da Sneak & Messy Marv feat. Mistah F.A.B., Turf Talk, Dubee & San Quinn)
2008: "Street Life" (Spider Loc feat. Turf Talk, Kartoon & Butch Cassidy)
2008: "Got Rich Twice" (E-40 feat. Turf Talk)
2008: "Hustle" (E-40 feat. Rock City & Turf Talk)
2009: "I'm On Like Shit" (Yukmouth feat. Mistah F.A.B., Sky Balla & Turf Talk)
2009: "Ya'll Know What I'm Doin'" (Tha Dogg Pound feat. Turf Talk)
2010: "Knock 'Em Down Music" (E-40 feat. Ya Boy, Turf Talk & Cousin Fik)
2010: "More Bass, More Treble" (E-40 feat. Cousin Fik & Turf Talk)
2010: "I'm Gone" (Lazer Sword feat. Turf Talk)
2011: "First Date" (The Jacka feat. 12 Gauge Shoite & Turf Talk)
2011: "Back & Forth" (E-40 feat. Turf Talk, Cousin Fik & Stressmatic)
2011: "The Streets Don't Love Nobody" (E-40 feat. Turf Talk & DB Tha General)
2012: "The Chicken Hill Project"(prod by Hallway Productionz
2012: "In This Thang Breh" (E-40 feat. Turf Talk & Mistah F.A.B.)
2012: "Bout My Money" (E-40 & Too Short feat. Jeremih & Turf Talk)

whiskey avengers

The Whiskey Avengers are a 4-piece Reggae, Rocksteady, and Rock n' Soul band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Formed in 2006 from members of Language Arts Crew, Insolence, and the Cross Tops.

Formed in 1991 by Black C and Mr. Cee. Their first release, the Ruthless by Law Album Coverself-produced "Don't Give Me No Bammer" came out on In-a-Minute Records and made the Billboard magazine Hot Rap Singles chart, peaking at #16. Two albums followed: A Lesson to Be Learned, which peaked at #60 on the Billboard magazine Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and Ruthless by Law, which surpassed their debut by making it to #23, also grazing the bottom of the The Billboard 200 at #197. In 1995 they produced a solo record by group member Hitman (Ricky Heard) called Solo Creep.
Their impressive sales for regional indie releases attracted interest from Atlantic Records subsidiary Big Beat, who signed the group.

Black C and Hitman filled the void created by Mr. Cee's absence with various producers, including Rick Rock and MC Eiht, and released An Eye for an Eye in 1997. The album peaked at #70 on The Billboard 200 chart and got as high as #14 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart.

Another Hitman solo record was released in 1999 and in 2000, RBL Posse released a double album—Bootlegs and Bay Shit: The Resume. In May 2001.

Black C has continued to release solo albums and RBL Posse-related material.

The death of 2Pac in the mid 90's ripped the heart out of West Coast Hip Hop. At the same time a young street poet named the Jacka was honing his skills in the Bay Area Rap game. Born to teenage parents, he was raised in the hip hop culture and exposed to break dancing, rap music and graffiti at an unusually young age. While growing up, he was a very serious fan of the whole hip hop culture as well as music in general. Always open minded, he was influenced by b-boys and thugs, pimps and Imams. The Jacka has since developed into an established, well-rounded, well-versed emcee in place to bring himself some serious attention.

He has been featured on well over 100 albums over the past eight years. His contributions to the Mob Figaz self-entitled album resulted in over 100,000 units sold. He has toured with many artists including Mac Dre, Yukmouth (of the Luniz), C-Bo, the Mob Figaz, and Keak da Sneak as well as by himself in order to create nationwide notoriety. His first solo release (featuring Too $hort, Cormega, Christion, and Yukmouth) sold over 20,000 units. Jacka's label sold these units independently, shipping to one-stops across the country. Though great support came from the Bay Area, more than half of Jacka's sales came from outside of California.

Jacka's success proves his mettle as an emcee. His sophomore album "The Jack Artist", is one of the higher selling albums in the Bay Area, on pace to outsell his debut release. With hit singles such as "Hey Girl Rmx" ft. Husalah and "Girls Say" to go along with nothing but dope album cuts like "Looking At It" ft. Keak da Sneak and Yukmouth & "Never Blink", the album was an instant classic with the fans.

In 2006 & 2007, the Jacka stayed busy doing features, collaborations and mixtapes with DJ's such as DJ Juice, The Demolition Men & DJ KTone. The demand for his underground music accelerated him into the position of being nominated in the 2nd annual Bay Area Rap Scene Awards (B.A.R.S.) for "Best Underground Artist", as well as "Group of the Year" for his affiliation as a member of the Mob Figaz. His dedication to music and hard work paid off when he received the award for "Best Underground Artist" in 2006.

Along with the success of winning the Bay Area Rap Scene Award, Jacka continued to raise the bar & maintain his momentum. Releases including 'Devilz Rejectz', a side project entitled "Jack of All Trades", 'Mob Trial 1, 2 & 3' & 3 collaboration albums (including 'Drought Season' & 'The GoBots') have kept his fans hungry for more and his fan base growing. To top it off, he recently won the "Patiently Waiting : California" Award at the 2008 Ozone Awards (other artists nominated includes: Glasses Malone (Cash Money), Bishop Lamont (Aftermath), and Roccett (CTE)). Jacka is currently set to release a 'Street Album' hosted & mixed by 106.1 KMEL DJ & personality Big Von in November 2008, with his highly anticipated 3rd solo album "Tear Gas" coming in February 2009. The Jacka's lyrics voice the code of the streets and the stories of everyday struggles. His message is one of faith, growth, and determination in the midst of dope and unsolved murders.

The Jacka is a leading force in filling the gap left by past-departed West Coast soldiers. Listen closer.

Rappin 4-tay

Perhaps the best known rapper to come out of San Francisco's vibrant hip hop scene, Rappin' 4Tay has a career that spans over 15 years and 7 albums, and with a new release slated for the summer of 2004. He has worked collaboratively with a number of other artists both well known and on the grassroots level, including 2Pac, Too $hort, Snoop Doggy Dog, and E-40 to name a few. Born in San Francisco, California on March 2,1968, Anthony Forte and was raised in San Francisco's Fillmore District. He has a twin sister, Toni. The Fillmore was already well known before 4Tay made a name for himself.,and the Fillmore he grew up in exposed him to many facets of community life. Although the Fillmore contains poverty, gang problems and housing projects, it is also home to black businesses, political and community leaders, and a historically important arts and cultural district. As a young man, 4Tay attended an arts high school, MacAtyre. Because he was in a music program at an arts high school, he learned how to read and write music and play half a dozen instruments, and received his musical education there. Fellow Bay Area rapper Hugh E M.C. - who was a freshman at MacAtyre when 4-Tay was a senior - said he remembered seeing the ambitious young man bringing his bassoon to school in a little kid's toy wagon tied to the back of his bicycle. He said the younger students admired 4-Tay, and he was an accomplished musician and talented writer at an early age. Although several Fillmore area rappers strived for success in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and many of them worked together, none of them ever became as famous and successful as 4Tay. Over the past 15 years Rappin 4Tay has worked with and collaborated with numerous other artists; notably, as a performer and a songwriter with Tupac Shakur in 1996 on the song "Only God Can Judge Me" (from the 2Pac Album "All Eyez On Me"), Bootsy Collins (Bulletproof Soundtrack), Berry Gordy (Dangerous Minds Soundtrack), JT The Bigga Figga (1996 - "Game On The Shelf"), Too $hort (1996 - "Never Talk Down", "She's A Sellout"), Snoop Doggy Dog (2000 - "Dogghouse"), and other artists too numerous to mention.

Benni Boom officially began his professional music campaign in 2010 when he started working on an album, "SFG", that was released online in early 2011. It quicly began to make noise on the internet and in the underground rap community. Recently, he has released 2 projects, "Its Just Business" and "Rackstar" via iTunes and others stores and has played several shows in the Northern California area. He is currently on tour and working on an album with bay area legend Rappin' 4-Tay called "Born To Be A Player" set to be released on May 4th, 2012. He has worked and performed with many great bay area artists such as; Erk tha Jerk, J. Stallin, the Jacka, Hussulah, Fed-X, Rydah J. Klyde, Celly Cel, Ray Luv, Tac from 51/50, J. Minixx (Dogg Pound Gang) and many more.


"Rappin' wasn't my first dream," admits 20-year-old D'Angelo Porter. "It was pro basketball. I always had good grades because of basketball."

Yet fate had other plans for the man known as D-Lo. A dabbler in rap who'd only made a few tracks, D-Lo went into his friend's studio alone one night in February 2007, determined "to find [his] swag" on the mic. He made a stomping, minimalist beat — his first — on Fruity Loops, over which he discovered his style: a hyperactive staccato with a slight rasp, a little like Keak Da Sneak in a higher register. The song, "No Hoe," undeniably slapped, prompting D-Lo and his brother, Sleepy D, also new to rap, to burn CD singles and hand them out at BART stations, schools, and so on.

Two months later, D-Lo began serving a year in the county jail for attempted robbery, ending his hoop dreams. Yet Sleepy continued pushing "No Hoe" in the Oakland streets and on MySpace, and the song went viral. On the evening of his release in 2008, D-Lo performed his first show, in Richmond.

"I wasn't nervous," he says. "I wanted to see if people knew the song. As soon as I come on, everybody went crazy."

Throughout 2008, D-Lo kept pushing the song, which soon found its way into the clubs. A low-budget video on YouTube kept the buzz alive; meanwhile D-Lo hooked up with Clear Label/PTB, the label responsible for Beeda Weeda's success. Before long, KMEL was getting tons of requests for a song it couldn't play on the radio.

But D-Lo managed to make an acceptably "clean" version for airplay. He also put together a high-profile remix featuring Beeda, E-40, and the Jacka. More crucially, to prove he wasn't a fluke, he released a new, broadcast-friendly single, "You Played Me," with a hook sung by Rico the Kid. D-Lo's MySpace page tells the story: "No Hoe" earned an impressive 900,000 hits over the past two years, but "You Played Me" garnered 1.1 million in a matter of months. While "You Played Me" is slated for D-Lo's upcoming SMC debut, Undeniable Talent, the original and remix of "No Hoe" are available now on his "pre-album," The Tonite Show with D-Lo (Clear Label/PTB), among the best so far in the DJ Fresh-produced series.

With his grassroots rise and radio-readiness, D-Lo has attracted the attention of companies like Interscope and Def Jam. Perhaps he could be the new Bay rapper who finally breaks through to major label glory — a prospect he greets with both impatience and resolve.

"The shit be slow," he says of major label talks. "But I wouldn't be as popular as I am for nothing, so I keep pushin'."

-From San Francisco Bay Guardian, 11/09

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" The 1st ANNUAL" ***** CALI GROWN FESTIVAL 2013***** Representing the best local artists and companies right on the Russian River!! With performances from.... Hip-Hop: Tha Jacka, Hussalah, D-Lo, Erk tha Jerk, Rappin 4-Tay, RBL Posse, Total Devastation, Taj He Spitz, Turf Talk, Benni Boom, Killa Klump, Rell Dirt, Louie Loc, E-Lo, Javi Bones, PayaFee, Mr. King, Victoria Bratton, Doc Holiday, Playah K, John Blaze, Dreda Dre, Jesse J, The Milkman, DJ Kaz, DJ 3rd Eye, and more TBA Reggae: Lions Camp featuring Ishi Dube, Rocker T, Stevie Culture, Soulmedic & Jah Works the Revolutionary, J Ras & Soulifted w/ Marko, Clear Conscience, WBLK, Casa Rasta, The Dirty Dub Band, Dubtown Dread, One Sol, Zion Lion, One A Chord, Inner Riddim, Whiskey Avengers, Whogas and more TBA Line-up subject to change at any time. Festival Location: Camp Outback, 16101 Neeley Rd, Guerneville, CA 95445 Afterparty at The River Theater

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