The Dusty 45s

Seattle’s Dusty 45s have a reputation for firing up the crowd. They deliver their rockin’, high-
energy music at just the right throttle to keep fans on their feet, begging for more. Over the
years, the group has devoured styles ranging from twang country, jump blues, surf, and pure
rock & roll, mixed-in elements from influences such as Dixieland and jazz, and now serve-it-up
as a sizzling sound all their own. With two wailing electric guitars, a slappin’ upright bass and
some guaranteed knock-down drumming, they take it to 11 with a blazing trumpet.

Singer/songwriter front man, Billy Joe Huels leads the band with an engaging, charismatic
stage presence, a rippin’ guitar, and a trumpet which serves as an extension of himself. By
the end of the show, the trumpet ends up on fire, literally. His original songs are delivered
with panache by Seattle’s finest roots-rock wrecking crew. The quartet was recently tapped
to back ‘The Queen of Rockabilly” and recent Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Wanda Jackson in
support of her blazing, Jack White-produced record. They continue to tour with Ms. Jackson,
who with the Dusty 45s, recently opened for Grammy winner, Adele, on her sold out US tour.

The Dusty 45s have been thrilling crowds for over a decade. The readers of the Seattle Weekly
voted them “Best of Seattle” 3 years in a row. In 2007 Huels enchanted the theater crowd,
starring as Buddy Holly in Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theater’s production of “The Buddy Holly

With a deep discography, thousands of miles on the tour van odometer, and a committed fan
base in the western US and Europe, the Dusty 45s are a professional, talented band with a
creative fire that burns bright.

Billy Joe Huels - Trumpet/guitar/lead vocals
Jerry Battista - Lead guitar/vocals
Kelly Van Camp - Drums, harmonica, vocals.
Jeff Gray - Upright Bass, vocals

Country Lips

Country Lips are a country-streaked Seattle nine-piece family-like band. They didn’t really mean to be a band, but they’ve been together for nearly two years now. They’re composed of a combination of bands—the Raggedy Anns and Doctor Doctor. They’re more just friends who wanted to play country music, who were getting shitty on a Friday night and decided to form Country Lips. Their songs sit well, stitched and lilted with happily tinkered keys and dusky bourboned acoustics. It’s wandering, jangled porch music, drifting steadily along like stretched-cotton cirrus clouds. Music to enjoy, not to overthink—music that touches on Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, and the Stones’ strummier numbers. It’s twangy and fitting for listening to in a field or in a truck bed full of hay.

Dead Man

Emerging from the dank clubs and bars of Seattle, Dead Man, lit the fuse on their filthy blues explosion with an undeniable fervor. The Duo, merges Lucas’ muddy originals and road seasoned chord progressions with Twotwoone Nelson's pounding of Primal drums. This blues punk machine gets the ground moving and the crowd to beg, scream and shout. Lucas’ heavy slide guitar is not known for its gracefulness as it rips down to your very soul. His growling vocals tell the tales of a life lived all wrong. Sharing stages with the likes of Dave Gonzolez and the Stone River Boys, Eddie Spaghetti of the Supersuckers, Slim Cessnas Auto Club, Slim Jim Phantom, Dick Dale, and the legendary Sonics!, this duo can hold their own with any band. Leaving one to question "how does all that sound come out of just two guys"!

$12 Adv.


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