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Farewell My Love

The conceptual artistry and theatricality of My Chemical Romance, the reckless danger and skillful musicianship of Avenged Sevenfold, the dark mystique and anthem-inducing sing-alongs of AFI and the brash experimentalism and attitude of 30 Seconds to Mars are all components that have a home in the Farewell, My Love manuscript. With forceful determination and wonderfully soaring grandiosity, Farewell, My Love put a unique spin on theatrical hard rock with utmost dedication.

Farewell, My Love first connected with their rabid audience, who they devotedly refer to as their "Lovers," with 2011's A Dance You Won't Forget EP. The short but incredible record and its subsequent lush, story-driven video for the anthem-in-the-making "Portraits" garnered the attention of like-minded supporters in short order.

Standby Records was proud to ink a deal with the band and put them into Cleveland, Ohio's Studio D Productions with producer Don Debiase, who has worked with Modern Day Escape, Beneath the Sky and For All Those Sleeping. The resulting debut full-length is the type of album that is sure to skyrocket the young quintet.

Ryan Howell's intense and diverse vocals sit atop the heavy, precise and melodic guitar work of Röbby Creasey and Logan Thayer, all ably backed by the percussive but tasteful rhythm section of bassist Charlee Conley and drummer Chad Kowal. Additional instrumentation, including string arrangements and bells, bolster the band's guitar-driven rock, adding to the artistic atmosphere on display throughout.

"Fans can expect a very theatrical, diverse and deep record," promises Creasey. "Each of us put our hearts into this and we can not wait to see everyone's reactions," adds Kowal.

The song "Mirror, Mirror" chronicles the haywire circumstances surrounding someone who is pulled in multiple directions and questioning their very identity. "My Perfect Thing" is a song for the lovers, about that feeling when someone means the world to you. "Skip the Memories" is about loss and the fact that we can't turn back the clock.

"Just Another Soul" deals with personal struggle, self-destructive tendencies and life's hardships. "We hope that listeners can relate to the stories we are telling and can feel a sense of belonging when they hear the songs," Howell offers. "Every person has their own story to be told," Conley observes. "We've been given this gift and opportunity to portray that through our music. We created Farewell, My Love to give each and every person in the world a sense of uplifting relief and release. We want our band to be something to hold onto, a place to run to, to find refuge and turn to when it seems like there is no escape from your circumstances," adds Thayer.

A band with many dimensions from their music, to their lyrics, their stage show, their videos, their image and their concepts, Farewell, My Love present true emotion, authentic passion and pour their hearts and souls into everything they do. Farewell, My Love aspires to nothing less than to be a hill of hope in the flood of life.

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