Killinoize & Connector Presents: Cinco De Mayo Pre-Party


In the fall of 2009, Max Pote and Sean Farrell joined forces to create Protohype, an unstoppable musical force of massive proportions and unlimited potential. Their irrepressible style is defined by a cunning combination of the technical finesse and swagger of a seasoned Hip-Hop veteran fused with the and raw energy and passion of an electronic music icon. Protohype specializes in a signature sound composed of extremely catchy melodic lines culminating in a dark and edgy electronic bombardment boldly accented with robust and meticulously crafted drums. With a combined twelve years of production experience between them, Max and Sean understand the crucial importance of diversity and progress while still maintaining the necessary amount of nostalgic familiarity to keep the crowd dancing; first and foremost Protohype know how to throw a raging party.
After the release of their first album, "The Protohype", Max and Sean switched up their production style and moved directly into a new type of music self-titled "Dub Hop", a filthy and ingenious brand of trunk-rattling bass music insidiously incorporating scathing vocals and head nodding drums. Despite their incredibly powerful and distinct creative voices, the masterminds of Protohype have formed an indelible bond on the basis of their uncontrollable infatuation with noise. Music is not only their passion; it is their inalterable and enduring way of life.

Elfkowitz, better known as Ian Lefkowitz, is a Detroit native, and has been producing music for over 7 years. At the age of 13, he started working in Detroit-based FBT studios with Grammy winning producers, The Bass Brothers (Eminem). Starting as a new age rock and hip hop producer, he has learned what it takes to successfully produce music. Through high school Ian continued to produce mostly hip-hop. Graduating from high-school in 2008, he proceeded to peruse music at Columbia College in Chicago. Becoming inspired by his short stay at Columbia, he moved back to Detroit to begin producing electronic music with long time friend, Freddy Todd. Ian jumped from genre to genre, slowly finding his true passion: bass. In 2009, Ian moved back to Chicago, and using his continually-expanding network, has become a regular act on the Chicago scene. Now, his career has allowed him to play with such artists as Alex B, Marty Party, Murphy (STS9), Ghost Stepper (Lotus) and practically everyone in-between. Using these experiences, he's now diving head first into the scene.


Burned EP:
Affiliation: Killinoize Productions, Bombeatz Music Group, Starblocks Music

Support from Indy Mojo, White Folks Get Crunk, From DJs For Djs, Shut Your Trap, Dubsteppers, Smash The Clubs, Dubstep24, Massive Electro, Massive Dubstep, Life In Music, SMA Promotions


Scy7he aka Gabe G. born and raised in St.Louis MO brought up with the roots of Metal, Hip-Hop,Drum and bass,and Neo classical genres it has created a sharp ear of music for this guy. When given a keyboard years ago it gave the ability to learn music by ear and develop progression in music production. After being introduced to dubstep in 2008 it showed that all of the elements of these genres could be combined to create endless posibilitys. From that point on he has played alongside FIGURE,Mantis,1uP,Hugs&Drugs, Matty G.,Project Pat, Grimblee, Tankman, Love and Light, Spankalicious, and other various shows. Representing Killinoize Productions and Subvandals Dubstep Crew be on the lookout for Scy7he as he continues to bring an arsenal of crowd bangers and original tracks that will leave you faceless.

Durt Russell

After years of traveling around partying and being an all-around shredder, I started Subsequent Vibes, an artist collective and promotional/sound rental company, in 2011. Soon after, I learned how to mix, and started opening for some of the shows we were throwing. Two years later, after making many great friendships around the midwest, we came to the decision that Killinoize Productions had been a part of our business and personal lives since day 1, and shortly thereafter, retired the SubVibes name and joined the Killinoize army. I couldn't be happier. I've held down residencies in Bloomington, IL for the better part of two years, played quite a few seriously monumental shows, and with the help of some some very talented friends, I'm getting my feet wet in the world of original production. On top of this, I'm going to continue to work hard with Killinoize to help host the gnarliest events in central IL and beyond. I drink hella liquor and jump around and yell, and I can mix like a gladiator. Check me out

$12 from 8pm-9pm $15 after 9pm . $3 surcharge for under 21

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