The Entrance Band, Dream Boys, Old Testament (feat. Jason Simon of Dead Meadow), DJ Warren Thomas

The Entrance Band

"The Entrance Band's new music is the most alluring and, yes, entrancing vibe I've yet to experience in this new age. A soundtrack for the new groove"

"Their music creates the feeling that something fresh and powerful is afoot. A potent mix of political mindedness -- including a few conspiracy theories -- and musical virtuosity,
their songs throb and wail and strive to open minds.”

"The Entrance Band plays apocalyptic psych-rock that is so good it will make you welcome the end days with open arms, as the guitars menacingly swirl in the background and the
drums echo the sound of the four horsemen."

"Some dudes play guitar solos, Guy Blakeslee shreds. In The Entrance Band, along with Paz Lenchantin and Derek James, he’s reined it all in, harnessed the guitar magic to ridiculously tight drums and bass and turned the whole thing into much more of a group effort. Who knew we’d be able to dance to half of this album and imagine taking acid to the other half?"

"The Entrance Band play tempestuous psych-blues songs that often tilt toward the epic. Blakeslee's serpentine riffing and fists-shaking-to-the-heavens vocals attest to rock's reputed redemptive power."

"Listening to their music is like sojourning into a cactus field at midnight with nothing but a jug of wine and some Gun Club records."

"The Entrance Band, has honed itself into a rock-solid, mass-appeal beast that could shake the White Stripes from their throne. "M.L.K." is both breathtaking and soul satisfying in
its massive, alluring riffs (every song has a thick, ringing riff for, like, every day of the week); simple, reverbed-out vocal hooks; and crystal clear populist message:
"Hey, there's a reason I sing/'cause I want to hear freedom ring/ and I'll remind you all of one more thing, remember Martin Luther King." The cloud-scraping chorus hook of
"That Is Why" could tame a lion; "Sing for the One" chugs along in a grubby stoner-rock roil; "Hourglass" sounds like it could fucking own an arena, complete with Jumbotron shots of Blakeslee shredding like some newly anointed high priest of rockdom. Basically: watch out."

“Headlining that night was The Entrance Band. Not missing a beat, their set seemed to explode from the moment the members took the stage, with a fierce combination of
psychedelic, blues, and rock. It almost feels like a Martian attack on your soul, especially as Guy Blakeslee’s vocals reach their coda-like watching the sky opens up for the birth and death of an actual star accompanied by his beyond stellar,
words fail me, wicked-sounding guitar, giving proper due to Steve Vai and Zappa for us youngins. Bassist Paz Lenchantin’s thunderous sonic mind fuck comes via a much needed catharsis by her instrument. She maintains the same amount of attention as the rest of the heavy elements, while the orchestration still makes you feel cleansed and free. Please do yourself a favor this summer and get lost in this bands mystique.”

Dream Boys

DREAM BOYS are equal parts Paisley Underground, Postcard Records and Flying Nun (with a jangle of rural psychedelia).

Old Testament (Feat. Jason Simon of Dead Meadow)

Among other things, Old Testament is a band formed in Los Angeles early in the year 5,772. While currently a member of psych rock faves Dead Meadow, singer and songwriter Jason Simon gradually began accumulating a stash of songs that fell outside the realm of riff and heavy fuzz haze. Where they do land is somewhere in the long lost America as envisioned by Harry E. Smith in his anthology of haunting blues, backwoods ballads, and god fearing gospel. With the addition of electric organ, singing drums, blown out harmonica, and droning harmonium, Old Testament creates a folk rock sound along the lines of Dylan and the Band's "Basement Tapes" or Fred Neil during one of his raga inspired improvisations. Featuring Jason Simon on the vox n guitar, the masterful drum work of Ryan Rapsys, the mournful howl of Oak Munson's harp, the always tasteful Nate Ryan on the organ and guitar, and the beautiful Jessica Senteno on the harmonium.



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