Joshua Popejoy (Record Release Show)

Joshua Popejoy

Joshua Popejoy is Philly's most radio-ready indie artist. Named a “Best Local Songwriter” by CBSphilly, Joshua’s pop hooks, limber fretwork, and wailing vocals create a sound that’s uniquely his. The full 5 piece rock band, fully equipped with cello and electric guitar, draws influences from Dave Matthews, Damien Rice, and even the Allman Brothers.

With his bachelor's degree and a burgeoning catalog of songs, Joshua made the move to Philadelphia in 2004, where he began to build his reputation as a confident, compelling performer. He combines the poise of his classical playing with the charm of a rock front-man to create a charismatic on-stage persona. Calm and in-control on softer songs, on huge crescendos like typical set-closer "Surrendering" he seems as though he might shake loose from the stage.

After assembling a band and recording their first EP, Runway Lights, in 2008, and follow up solo album, After the Ash, in 2010, they had their sights set on a live album. Being named an alternate winner in the 2011 Philadelphia Songwriters Project Songwriting Contest, as well as performing large stages at Musikfest as well as the main stage at World Cafe Live, Popejoy and his band had spent a ton of time crafting their live performances. Finally, they have a live album, recorded right in Philly, available for purchase.

"I grew up listening to live albums. To me, it was just a more honest approach to making music. No bells or whistles...just a band on stage playing their asses off. I'm unbelievably excited to have had the opportunity to record 'Live in Philly', and I think it comes through in the music! It is the truest representation of us, and hope everyone enjoys it."

Song Dogs (as Talking Heads)

Song dogs is a 6-piece americana rock band bringing prairie-heavy rock and railroad tone to the city of Brotherly Love. Formed in 2009, we released our first self-titled EP in 2011 and our full-length album Wild Country was officially released in January, 2013.

Music Box Dynamo

MB Dynamo is the rock band hailing from Philadelphia city. Their shows are filled with outtakes and genuinely memorable moments. However it is there hybrid music that stands out. Channeling bands like Pearl Jam, Radiohead, The Beatles, and Foo Fighters each song takes on a life of its own, yet is connected like it was meticulously crafted in a warm steel melting pot. Building and bubbling over with tasty blues rock riffs, peppy bass lines, modern pounding drums, and heated by a burning electric voice that has surprising soul and range



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