Radio One Chicago: The Drop

Radio One Chicago is hosting a networking party for artists of all varieties. We are inviting all other artists, musicians, bands, promoters, photographers, graphic designers, and any other artists to come out and network with each other.

“The Drop” is an event that allows bands and musicians to come meet the Radio One Chicago DJs and drop their CDs off personally.

Radio One Chicago’s soul focus of “The Drop” is to unite Chicago’s artistic community together.

Blah Blah Blah

In a time when most artists spend the bulk of their energy trying to brainstorm over clever band names and contrived marketing schemes, it's refreshing to see a group that picks honesty over hyperbole. With that very notion in mind, the members in Chicago's beloved Blah Blah Blah, decided long ago that the music is what matters the most. And who can blame them? With an unassuming name like that, you better make damn sure that your music is way better than just good enough.

Comprised of two friends from Iowa and two Chicago musicians, the midwest quartet really found their footing in 2010 after being voted one of the Chicago Tribune's next bands on the verge of breaking BIG! While pioneering the genre of ballroom rock, the band has continually won fans over with their emotionally-driven yet upbeat songs that playfully strike a balance between the alternative and organic. With a revitalized sense of vibrance and a newly recorded EP on the horizon this fall, it's not hard to see why the band is so optimistic about the next chapter of its career.

For the last project, "Thank You Thank You", the band decided to ditch the ease of digital and embrace the techniques of yester-year. By recording the entire EP in analog reel-to-reel on 2-inch tape, they convincingly proved the adage, that sometimes you have to take a step back to truly move forward. With the help of music vets, like producer Matt Walker (Morrissey, Smashing Pumpkins) and engineer Sean O'Keefe (Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack, Less than Jake), the new recordings serve as a magnum opus for the band and a beacon of hope for indie music.

After touring nationally during the fall-winter, Blah Blah Blah headed to Los Angeles again in February during Grammy weekend for Pre-Grammy events hosted by Garth Trinidad (KCRW). The band is currently recording it’s debut album. The bands much improved live show is something not to be missed.

The Bright White

Comprised of four working class guys who proudly wear their hearts on their sleeves, Chicago's The Bright White debuted in 2011. Frontman Matthew Kayser and guitarist Joe O'Leary dreamt up the concept of an infectiously loud and spirited rock n' roll band months before they were fortunate enough to have drummer Steve Zelenko and bassist Peter Krutiak respond to a Craigslist ad for a rhythm section. Inspired songwriting sessions and a slew of local and regional bookings immediately followed.

Fueled by Kayser's impassioned vocals and their own brand of careening, yet smart, rock n' roll, The Bright White released their second album, Lose Yourself, in June of 2012. They look forward to connecting with audiences who have been waiting for sing-along choruses, fist-in-the-air guitar solos and the swagger of a band who knows its best days are ahead.

Good Evening

Good Evening's greatest pleasure is to please. The band formed on the Ides of March just after Weston had decided to quit law school in favor of a musician's life of delightful poverty, and not long after Alyssa had completed her BFA in Poetry at the School of the Art Institute, thus assuring herself a similar fate of inspired impoverishment. That very day the duo had secured their first shows and set about finding the supporting cast of instrumentalists they would require to fully realize their unique brand of indie-folk music. What they found were a long-haired wine&music-buff named Davis Krieg; a pianist on his way to a PhD in Physics, calling himself Matthew Sternberg; and Weston's long-lost cousin, the multi-instrumentalist virtuoso David Rose. Since then, the group has released one album, 'In Public,' toured from coast to coast, and drunk about 1,000 bottles of whiskey. Their second album, 'Till We're Broke' debuts in July.

Paper Thick Walls

Paper Thick Walls presents an elegant mix of deep, reflective, and at times haunting music, which captures elements of sound similar to acts like Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens. The almost orchestral arrangement of piano, upright bass, guitars, drums, fiddle, mandolin, and other various instruments has a fascinating way of complimenting the profound fictional story lines that Paper Thick Walls portray through their lyrics.

Their songs quickly caught the attention of sound engineer Mike Hagler (Neko Case, Wilco) who engineered Paper Thick Walls’ debut record entitled “A Thousand Novels” which was released on May 3, 2011 and promptly followed by a sold out record release show at “Hideout” in Chicago. Here is what Rock NYC had to say about the bands debut album:

"My verdict, then, is that Paper Thick Walls’ “A Thousand Novels” is quite good. Not only are their compositions very nicely crafted, with the band displaying a penchant for a number of musical styles, their storytelling will keep you entertained and often contains elements of that darkness that lends a haunting quality to a song. Take a look."

"A Thousand Novels" received over 150 positive reviews, and was featured on dozens of blogs. This past year, Paper Thick Walls has performed throughout the Midwest and East Coast, as well as several taste maker music festivals including NXNE, SXSW, Summer Fest, and CMJ Music Festival.

God and The Architects

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