Evil Beaver

Avant-garde bass n' drum, punk rock duo, Evil Beaver has shared the stage with a diversity of musical artists including; Chevelle, David J, Fu Manchu, The Gossip, Girl in a Coma, Nina Hagen, Peaches, Pegboy, Polysics, Rasputina, Semi Precious Weapons, Shellac, The White Stripes.

EVIL BEAVER always features EVIE EVIL on electric lead bass guitar and vocals, supported by various drummers that currently include "ANIMAL" of the puppets, BEAVER "SLAMMIN' SAMMY KICKASS" & ELLIE "ITTY BITTY BEAV" ENGLISH.

Evil's vocals are seductive and powerful. As a bassist, Evie is a pioneer who's playing skills are mind blowing and uniquely original.

Evie is always writing and recording new music, and EVIL BEAVER is always performing live and touring internationally.

Live band always features sexy front women, EVIE EVIL, Goddess of Electric Lead Bass Guitar and Vocalist, and a BEAVER on drums. Beavers are subject to change.

Rollo Tomasi

"Rollo was a purse snatcher. My father ran into him off duty. And he shot my father six times and got away clean. No one even knew who he was. I just made the name up to give him some personality... Rollo Tomasi's the reason I became a cop. I wanted to catch the guys who thought they could get away with it."
-Det. Lt. Edmund Exley / L.A. Confidential (1997 Film)

"Chicago produced Shellac and The Jesus Lizard (and numerous copycats), so the city's musicians seemingly have a predilection toward noisy, aggressive post-punk. The tradition continues in Rollo Tomasi, a band whose rougher edge gives it a post-hardcore sound, like a more melodic, less repetitious Helmet. On the group's intense new album, Work Slow Crush Foes, huge-sounding guitars grind against a propulsive rhythm section as frontman Neil Sandler's not-quite-yelled, not-quite-sung voice tops it all. The whole thing sounds ominous—i.e., just right—so Rollo Tomasi ably continue the tradition began by its forebears."
-Kyle Ryan / THE ONION - AV CLUB

"Rollo Tomasi - whose name is derived from the film 'LA Confidential' - concoct dark, pounding soundscapes that make you think there must be something invigorating - yet ultimately sinister - in the air of Illinois' 'Windy City'... Taking their rhythmic alliance cues from the late, lamented sluggers The Jesus Lizard, and admirably mixing it with Jawbox's more obtuse moments, 'He Who Holds You' must be the next item on your rock shopping list." -Simon Young / KERRANG! (4 of 5 K's)

A Chicago rock band since 1999.

The Cut-Outs

punkpowerpop rocknroll from a parallel universe

peckenpaugh: vocals
Jon: guitar + vocals
Art Harrison: bass
Norm Dunn: guitar
Skid Krueger: drums



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