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The Hush Sound

The Hush Sound’s journey began in 2005 in the way most young bands do: as a group of
friends playing together in their parent’s basement after high school. Songwriters Bob Morris
and Greta Morgan would write their quirky piano and guitar driven pop songs in between Greta’s
homework sessions and Bob’s duty as a lifeguard at the local swimming pool. After writing a
batch of songs, the two were joined by drummer Darren Wilson and bass player Chris Faller,
other locals in the Chicago music scene.

The group began playing shows in suburban basements, VFW Halls, and community theaters
soon after. They were only in high school but their lyrics told shrewd truths and their baroque
pop melodies spoke to an audience looking for something more; something different than the
standard fare of midwestern angst.

The band never dreamt that by the end of that year, they’d be invited to open arena tours across
the US, the UK, and Japan and go on to share the stage with artists like OK GO, Phantom
Planet, The Dresden Dolls, One Republic and beyond.

Thanks to a devoted fanbase and word of mouth appeal, it wasn’t long before The Hush Sound
solidified their place in the contemporary college radio canon. Their diverse influences and
musical stylings resulted in a unique pop sound that bridges the gaps between power pop, folk,
classic rock and pop music. A sound which grew and evolved with each record - So Sudden
(2005), Like Vines (2006), and finally Goodbye Blues (2008); collectively selling over 200,000
copies. After a full year of adrenaline rushing and back-breaking touring to promote Goodbye
Blues, the band subsequently took time off to explore other creative opportunities.

It’s been eight years since The Hush Sound started playing together at those DIY spaces across
Chicagoland. But the energy and soul of the band -- the honesty and character that made them
your favorite band to begin with -- remain unchanged. And since the band connected to start
touring again in 2013, The Hush Sound will continue playing live shows and is slated to release
new music in 2013.

Stay tuned, people. The Hush Sound is back.

A lot has been said about time spent in the woods in solitude. From classic
Thoreau literature, to music from the Big Pink, or Bon Iver, all examine shutting out the
world, losing, and perhaps finding yourself. In the fall of 2010, Hockey left behind the
flowering fields of Oregon for the tiny town of Hillsdale, New York. The band toured
almost non-stop in support of their debut album "Mind Chaos" (2009) and the desolate
forests of upstate New York seemed an appropriate place to get away and work on
developing new material.
Hockey started as a duo (Ben Keys, Jerm Bass) at The Johnston College
in Redlands, California in 2002. After stints in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Spokane,
the band eventually landed in Portland, OR. In the summer of 2008 they embarked on a
quixotic tour of the West in a converted van running on vegetable oil. Despite serious car
trouble, the tour was a success. On the road, the band caught the attention of influential
BBC radio host, Zane Lowe. After a few spins and a spot as "Reaction Record of the
Week" for song ‘Song Away’, the band signed to Capitol/Virgin/EMI and things began
to soar.
Over the next two years, the group toured worldwide, focusing heavily on their
influence in the UK. After appearances on ‘Later with Jools Holland’, ‘Live from Abbey
Road Studios’, and ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’, Hockey booked gigs with Friendly
Fires, Passion Pit and Phoenix, as well as headline tours in the US, UK, Europe and
Japan. Festival spots for 2009 and 2010 included: Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds, Islie of
White, Peace and Love, Hove, Eurocannes, Laneway, Bonaroo, Coachella and
Lollapalooza. In Aug 2010, following the many tours and the subsequent breakup of their
live band, Ben and Jerm decided to head east and start work on their next record.
Arriving upstate, the band set out on what was ostensibly a short time in the
woods, to
get away, write, and think. The result was twenty two months of creating and recording
what eventually became the band’s sophomore effort, "Wyeth IS". Using vintage
keyboards and drum machines made famous by 80's hip hop, as well as a "half time"
technique which resulted in a deeper, more lush sound, the band began to re-imagine
themselves, to evolve, and mature. Under considerable pressure from Label and
Management about "hits" (a la Song Away) the duo eventually parted ways with both,
freeing them to follow a new path. During this time the band almost changed their name.
But they ultimately stuck with Hockey, while Ben replaced his last name, Grubin, with
his middle name Wyeth.
After months of breakthroughs and defeats, Ben and Jerm whittled the work down
over fifty demos to a final eleven songs. From the broad, universal perspective of "Wild
Style" to the self reflective triumph of "Thought I was Changing", Hockey created an
album about change, resilience and authenticity. This is the record they found in the
woods, after they took the time to look...

Genevieve Schatz (of Company Of Thieves)

Lucas Carpenter

Crossing state lines with guitars, looping pedals, and all manner of percussive instrument in tow, Lucas Carpenter is a modern pop troubadour. With a beat heavy and melody rich sound that borrows from his love of folk songcraft, the colorfulness of pop, Nashville storytelling, and hip electronic production values, LC is remixing what it means to be a singer-songwriter.

Born into a tightly knit, small town community in Pennsylvania, he is the son of a funeral director and the much loved black sheep of a large family. A self-proclaimed "Art Kid From the Country", Lucas began his creative journey in musical theater productions, choirs, and garage bands before moving first to Pittsburgh, then to Boston to attend the Berklee College of Music ('06 Songwriting graduate), and on to Philadelphia where he currently resides when not on the road. His songs are colorful sonic tapestries, contrasting the mundane and often comic reality of life in rural America against the cultural diversity and fast pace of the cities he's called home.

Since releasing the "Art Kids From the Country" EP 3 years ago, Lucas has played over 300 shows, sold over 3,000 albums and digital downloads completely independently, and created "The Pixelated Path" (2008), his most ambitious work to date. "The Path", produced with Los Angeles based friend and producer Alder (Sean Kingston), ventured into new sonic territory, combining beats generated from samples of office equipment, classic synthesizer sounds, beatboxing, and even a desk chair rolling across the floor, with organic instrumentation that included fretless guitar, Irish tin whistles, nyckelharpa (Swedish keyed fiddle), and toy pianos.

Currently, Lucas is on the road, sharing his high octane, electro-acoustic show with fans across the country. As a songwriter, a storyteller, a producer, and a performer Lucas Carpenter offers a new vision for the modern pop artist.

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