Willie Nelsons 80th Birthday Celebration

Willie Nelson

Singer, songwriter, actor, and philanthropist. Born on April 30, 1933, in Abbott, Texas. During his extensive career, Willie Nelson has written more than 2,500 songs and has released close to 300 albums. He is recognized worldwide as an American troubadour and icon, transcended musical genres, and has remained relevant through five decades through his music, his acting, and as the face of such social causes as Farm Aid and development of bio-diesel.

The Devil Makes Three

If a love child between Reverend Gary Davis and the Ramones blessed this earth she'd be sweating, stomping and singing with the rest of us in the front row at a Devil Makes Three concert. The energy draws us in, the music and storytelling keep us there.

Sourcing country blues, punk and folk, throwing in fierce finger-picking guitar, a little slide, power tenor banjo and rocking upright bass, Pete Bernhard, Lucia Turino and Cooper McBean create a multispanned bridge between musical styles. Their vocal harmonies wind tightly around original songs and breathe life into favorite covers. It all pours forth from a timeless pulse that pulls you to the past, flies you to the future and lands you on the dance floor.

"We like shows where people can dance," says Bernhard, "and it isn't about how great the musicianship is as much as the energy of the crowd and the songs themselves. I listened to a lot of old blues and country and singer-songwriter stuff because that's what it was all about. Townes Van Zandt, Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly –– great storytellers, straightforward storytellers."

The three band members are from Vermont, where Bernhard and McBean played in a few rock and punk bands but found their most exciting common ground in acoustic music.

"My parents and brother were musicians and they introduced me to acoustic stuff, especially fingerpicking blues," says Bernhard. "I liked electric blues, and acoustic blues and country by Robert Johnson, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan."

When Bernhard and McBean caught up with Turino in Santa Cruz, CA, she learned bass and the band was born.

Since releasing their first album in 2002, The Devil Makes Three has played nationwide to raving, capacity crowds whose enthusiastic support has guaranteed the band a sizable and loyal following. They will tour extensively over the coming months, and are working up material for their fourth studio album; a new live recording will be released this fall via Milan Records.

The Wild Feathers

Ricky Young, Joel King, Taylor Burns and Preston
Wimberly, grew up steeped in music; playing solo gigs, touring with local bands and working at venues. The four guys came together in Austin in 2010 through coincidence, mutual friends, and a shared love of the classics: Petty, Dylan, Cash, The Band, Allman Bros, Neil Young and Willie Nelson. They immediately began playing together
and became The Wild Feathers. The young band spent the next year writing and defining their sound and touring around the country, sharing the stage with Delta Spirit, Surfer Blood and The Heavy, even landing an opening spot on Paul Simon's 2011 fall tour.

The Wild Feathers are a truly American band: their music takes elements of the best of rock, country, folk and blues music and reshapes it in a way that is both unique and modern

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For General Admission Lawn Seating, please bring a low back beach chair. No outside food or beverage. Sealed water allowed in. Children under 10 are free in our General Admission area. Have a great time!

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